What to expect to visit Nepal

Nepal is the land of the majestic Himalayas. It represents diversity in geographical and cultural aspects. Blessed with nature’s choicest attractions, Nepal is on the bucket list of many travel enthusiasts. 

Thus, if you are an avid explorer who wishes for inevitable exploration, Nepal is the best destination. And this year is the perfect year as Nepal is all set up for “Visit Nepal 2020.” Nepal is all ready to welcome travelers around the world and offer them their most amazing memories. 

Visit Nepal

The main motto of Visit Nepal 2020 is “Lifetime Experiences.” As the slogan itself suggests, you will indeed gather your lifetime remembrances. Be it on the lap of majestic peaks or amongst traditional villages; you will be bound to have the most fabulous fun. You will embark on a new adventure and create an enduring milestone.

Brace yourself as you begin your journey to the most incredible land of nature and the Himalayas! Get ready to feel the thrill far away from the crowds & chaos! 

To promote its unexplored diversity around the world, Nepal has been organizing several promotional campaigns. It was the year 1998 that Nepal held the first-ever “Visit Nepal.” The next campaign took place in the year 2011. This year, Nepal holds its third-year-long campaign as “Visit Nepal.” It aims to attract 2 million foreign tourists.

Learning from past flaws, Nepal aims to provide the most convenient services. No wonder, you will have lifetime experiences upon visiting Nepal this year.

What to Expect in Visit Nepal?

Traveling to Nepal takes you on a journey to witness its natural beauty, scenery, culture, and hospitality. This land is the epitome of artistic elegance and ethnicity. You experience a range of new adventures and live in some special moments. 

But how can those moments be more precious? How can you make your Visit Nepal more happening?

With the advent of the tourism year, Nepal prepares to give you the best experiences. Surely, there are tons of things to do in Nepal. Several packages meet the expectations of your dream vacation.

Following is a brief information about activities you can do during your visit to Nepal.

Climbing and Mountaineering 

Climbing and Mountaineering in Nepal is for passionate adventurers. If you have a strong thrive on creating the ultimate glory, this feat is for you. There is no other place better suited than Nepal for it.

Nepal is a paradise of the high Himalayas and glorious peaks as it is home to eight of the world’s highest mountains. The elevation of these magnificent peaks is above 8000 meters. Mountains like Everest and Kanchenjunga can be on your penultimate list of mountaineering if you are up for the most thrilling adventure of your lifetime. Also, there are other 326 peaks open for peak climbing in Nepal. 

Nepal opened its doors to climbers back in 1949. But it was the year 1953 when Sir Hillary and Tenzing Norgay set the history. They became the first-ever mountaineers to set foot on the summit of Everest. Since then, many adventurers have been working hard to make their mountain dreams come true.

Your mountain dream is undoubtedly possible with top-notch equipment and an experienced team of Sherpa climbers. Further, you need to have a significant amount of zeal and robust fitness.

If you plan to opt for a peak climbing adventure, you need to be careful in choosing the appropriate climbing peak for you. Peaks under 7000 meters are preferable for first-timers. You don’t need any specialized training. All you need is good physical and mental fitness. Some of the famous climbing peaks in Nepal for mountaineering are: 

From this list, you can make your final choice for finding the perfect climbing peak that suits you. For seasons, spring and autumn are the best climbing seasons in Nepal.

Up-Close with Highest Mountains of the World 

Everyone wishes to conquer the soaring peaks. But not everyone can achieve that with ease. However, you can be right on the lap of these towering peaks and trekking is a perfect way to make that glory. Trekking in Nepal is also the most popular activity for tourists.

Thousands of explorers from around the world visit Nepal for trekking. You can explore pristine forests, stunning landscapes, and varied flora & fauna through trekking. You will traverse through remote & off-beaten trails while passing through a series of uphill & downhill trails. Your destination gives you a broad and closer panorama of mountains.

In Nepal, you have multiple choices for trekking. You can choose the treks as per your experience and fitness. If you are a beginner, you can opt for short treks like:

If you want to visit the popular trails, you can go to Annapurna Base Camp Trek and Everest Base Camp Trek. But if you want to delve into some remote trails, there are options like:

You can trek in Nepal all year round, but spring (March to May) and autumn (Sept to Nov) are the two best seasons. You will enjoy clear and unobstructed views of the mountain ranges.

Enjoy the Mix of Nature and Culture 

Nepal showcases the perfect examples of “unity in diversity.” Be it the geographic or cultural aspect; you will find peace in every place you visit. If you want to enjoy nature and culture, hiking can be an ideal option. This is also preferable if you have a short travel period.  

While hiking, you get to explore some rural stories and lifestyles. You get a more in-depth insight into the lifestyle of various ethnic people. Likewise, you can enjoy cultural festivals and traditions that vary from place to place.

Hiking in Nepal is the best way to enjoy the natural scenery. You walk along narrow paths of lush forests. It is a great way to forget the hassles of city life. You will delve into ancient settlements among ethnic groups. You also can visit temples & monasteries that date back to centuries.  

Some of the magnificent hiking trails in Nepal are: 

These incredible hiking trails give you a real taste of nature and traditional culture. These short hikes even offer spectacular views of the Himalayas. The main perk of this activity is that you can do it at any time of the year. Every season offers something unique.

City, Culture, and Food 

World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu

Tours in Nepal are an ideal way to traverse through beautiful cities, their typical culture, and delicious foods. It takes you on a ride to dig into the heritages, cultures, and wildlife diversity. 

Nepal has many famous cities that attract thousands of tourists. Tour to various cities offers typical outdoor activities. Your tour will start right after you reach Kathmandu. The bustling streets showcase exotic cultures and exquisite pagoda temples. The art & crafts in Kathmandu Valley dates back to a few centuries. Even today, they impart their glorious beauty. 

Some of the famous tours in Nepal are:

Chitwan is famous for Chitwan National Park, which is home to rare species of flora & fauna. Likewise, Pokhara (City of Lakes) is a renowned tourist destination and the gateway to the Annapurna region. This city is the vantage point of bountiful adventure activities like paragliding and bungee jumping. Lumbini is the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha and is famous among Buddhist pilgrims. On the other hand, Bandipur is a beautiful town in the foothills of the Himalayas. 

Go Extreme with Adventure Sports 

Do you love exciting adventures? If yes, get ready to jump out of your comfort zone! Get ready to challenge your limits with blood-pumping and heart-racing activities. Visit Nepal 2020 awaits you with lots of extreme adventure sports.

Being a paradise for adventure lovers, Nepal offers the most thrilling and electrifying activities. Apart from trekking & climbing, the outdoor adventure activities will surely provide you with memories that will last you a lifetime. Some of the most famous adventure sports in Nepal include: 

  • Bungee Jumping is an extreme adventure. Jumping off the bridge of 160 meters is not an easy thing, though. The Last Resort, at Bhote Koshi, organizes this feat.
  • Swing from the Bhotekoshioffers a free fall of 100m of 240 arches at the speed of 150 km/hr. Midst green hills and fast-flowing River, it will give an adrenaline-filled, gravity-defying adventure. 
  • Everest Skydiving will bring you to new heights in the Himalayas. You will experience all that the Himalaya has to offer, deep in the heart of Sherpa land with Everest Skydiving. 
  • Nothing can beat the thrill of being up in the sky. So, Paragliding & Zip Flyer are other adventures you must try. They are both available in Kathmandu & Pokhara Valley.

Cycling and Biking 

Mountain Bike In Nepal
Mountain Bike In Nepal

Nepal is now becoming an enticing destination for Mountain Biking and Cycling. This adventure allows you to enjoy the most strenuous and challenging routes of Nepal. You get to explore the most glorious and mighty views of nature.

This adventure takes you to the Himalayas. You ride along some tough climbs and exhilarating downhill. You follow single tracks that have the most spectacular views of the gigantic mountains. 

Several biking clubs in Nepal organize biking events throughout the year. If you cannot get in contact with them, you can make your group and choose a preferred customized route. Some of the famous and rewarding chains for mountain biking and cycling are:

  • Annapurna Circuit Biking 
  • Manaslu Circuit Biking 
  • Upper Mustang Biking
  • Biking to Jomsom 
  • Biking to Chitwan 

In general, bike riding and cycling are possible throughout the year. But, the conditions may not be preferable during monsoon months (June to August). Besides, spring and autumn are the perfect seasons for a tour via mountain bikes. 

But, if you want to avoid extreme altitude, you can plan for cycling around Kathmandu Valley. There are several trails which are on the list of cycling enthusiasts: 

  • Mudkhu – Jhor – Tokha 
  • Kathmandu – Kakani – Budhanikantha 
  • Budhanikantha – Nagi Gompa – Kapan 
  • Bhaktapur – Nagarkot – Sankhu 
  • Chovar – Bungmati – Khokana –Chapagaun

Other Activities 

Besides all the mentioned activities, there are other feats you cannot ignore while you are in Nepal: 

Bird-watching Nepal is a paradise for bird-watching activity with over 848 species of birds. You can trace almost 500 species in the Kathmandu valley alone. You can view different types of wetland birds and migratory birds in and around Kathmandu. You can also spot endangered species like Impeyan Pheasant and Spiny Babbler. 

Photography: Photography is another recreational activity as there are elegant sceneries all around you. You can click impressive panoramas of high mountains, gorges, glaciers, and valleys. Nepal is a fairyland for natural and wildlife photography. 

Wildlife safari: Nepal is gifted with lush green forests. These forests house varied and rare species of wildlife and vegetation. To explore this beauty, the Jungle Safari Tour Package is a perfect choice. This package offers close glimpses of the Terai region and the lower belts of Nepal. Chitwan National Park and Bardia National Park are some popular safari spots. 

Skiing: Skiing is one sport that has immense popularity all over the world. Being a Himalayan country, Nepal brings out the best of skiing. You can ski within some famous regions like Everest, Annapurna, Makalu, Dolpo, etc. These days, Kalinchowk is also famous for short skiing during winter.

Kayaking: Kayaking in Nepal is about experiencing thrill within rapid-running rivers. If you love water, you can opt for water activities like rafting, boating, canoeing, etc. You can enjoy exciting times as you make new friends.  

Final Say, 

2020 is the best year to enjoy your holidays. You can expect a lot of fun and adventure with the campaign, Visit Nepal 2020. With plenty of top attractions, Nepal will surely meet all your expectations. Nepal will give you a complete lifetime experience that you can never forget! 

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