Attention For The Good News to Travel in Nepal

Good News to Travel in Nepal

Great and wonderful good news to all wide-world interested travelers to Nepal, the country is ready for visitors from this spring season from March onwards.

Where you won’t have any problem entering Nepal, after obtaining a visa from Nepalese Embassies and Consulate from your respected countries or on arrival at Kathmandu, Nepal International Airport.

No Quarantine, or staying in isolation for a week where you need only PCR negative results of Covid-19, and Vaccination Report Required for all Tourist visiting Nepal.

Good to know all visitors are free from the hassle of Quarantine or putting oneself in isolation. As long you have the right medical documents.

The tourism all around the world were badly affected including Nepal, where adventurer and eager travelers longing to be in the Himalayas for many years.

Where now free to travel within the country exotic destinations, as long they are equipped with following mandatory………

a) Valid visa from relevant country’s Nepali Embassies or Consulates.

 b) Medical document with Proof of vaccination against Covid-19.

 c) Recommendation Letter from respective agencies to participate in tourism activities.

Where on arrival at Nepal International Airport in Kathmandu, all the above needful documents to be shown at the Government Immigration counter.

The good news is that the Nepal Government of Nepal has removed the previous and existing a week isolation and home quarantine provision for foreign travelers entering Nepal.

Where visitors require to produce a negative report of PCR examination, 72 hours before their originating flight to Kathmandu. Including, the provision of 5 thousand US $ as Corona insurance for foreign tourists coming to Nepal has been removed. Now, tourists will only need normal travel and medical insurance which was required in earlier days as well before the Pandemic was on the rise.

The new rules and regulation made by Government has made the dwindling tourism back to active, now all are free to travel within Nepal and its beautiful Himalayan destinations.

when travelling to Nepal please check here to more detail about Travel in Nepal during and after Covid- 19 pandemic.

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