Travel In Nepal During And After Covid-19 Pandemic


Current Situation of Coronavirus in Nepal

Wonderful Good News is that Nepal and some of the world are back to almost normal life. As it used to be like in the past few years, where Pandemic of Covid-19 that shook the whole world.

Travelers must be missing a holiday and adventure around the best places of the country and various dream destinations. Nepal and some countries were the least affected by the Pandemic from the invisible enemy the Corona Virus.

However, the country was on high alert with precautionary measures, since the virus spread around neighboring countries like Tibet / China and India.   

Nepal had few cases and most infected Nepalese were migrant workers in India and its various states big cities. The Government related to the medical department of ministry took immediate action throughout the country, making space available for migrant workers. Keeping them in isolation and quarantine far from villages and crowded areas, and the country was in Lockdown.

For more than three months in the year 2020 and slowly began to release the importance of lockdown. At present, since the end of last year 2020 Nepal is back to normal apart from the flow of foreign tourists. But the domestic tourism began active since last year and still growing strong. Where few foreigners have begun to arrive slowly to enjoy various Himalayan destinations in Nepal.  

Hopefully, in near future, Nepal will be back where it was, with busy trekkers and adventurers. As well other visitors who enjoy and take delights traveling in the country for many reasons. Like the prince of Bahrain and his team of mountaineers visited Nepal amidst Covid-19 was around in Nepal and around the world.

Trekked and climbed Lobuche East Peak in Everest region, and then summited successfully on the top world 8th highest Mt. Manaslu in the same month of 2020. 

The big question is how safe is Nepal at present from the Pandemic?

As mentioned above Nepal is back to normal with a minimum number of cases, but the pandemic is slowly fading from the country. Due to quick and immediate awareness among the Nepalese, but still wearing masks is compulsory in case of the second wave of Pandemic. Which is likely not going to happen again by the grace of the mighty lord and touch wood.

Travelers can enter Nepal with some safety measures protocols to be fulfilled as per the norm of the Government Health Department.

The ‘SOP’ Standard Operating Procedures and safety measures for travelers:

In the first place and step

As usual where all foreign visitors require a valid passport, at least a minimum of 6 months before the expiry dates and year. 

Where you can obtain a Nepalese visa through Nepal Embassies and Consulates back in your respective countries.

If not available, High Route Adventure will help you to process the visa, sending us your passport details and area of the visit with holiday duration.

Including the date of arrival and flight details, as the letter of recommendation by the local tour and adventure agents. Will help and support to speed up the visa processing on arrival at Kathmandu and Nepal International Airport.

The second phase

You must show a medical certificate with negative proof of Covid-19 checked before a minimum of 72 hours. From the date of your departure from your home country. Including purchase of normal Travel and Medical Insurance, which is very important as always visiting Nepal and its Himalaya.

Nepalese Tourist Visa and with transcript signed by the authorities proving that you have received advanced approval for your visa from your respective agents and related Government Tourism Department.

Travel Insurance should cover Covid-19, of minimum US$ 5,000- per person.

On arrival, and then completing the immigration formalities our guide and staff transfer you straight to respective hotels in the heart of the city.

Where need to stay for some days as quarantine measures. However, it is a compulsion to stay in quarantine for at least 7 days. 

The hotel room charge for this period shall be paid by oneself apart from the trip cost.

The Third Step and Phase,

While you are in quarantine in your hotel rooms, on the fifth day. A PCR test will take place, needs to arrange by oneself with the assistance of High Route Adventure staff in a reputed medical clinic. With facilities for PCR tests, if the result is negative then you are a free bird and open your wings for your dream destinations.

We always hope and assume that all interested travelers will have the same result of negative against the Covid-19. This is very important for Nepal Tourism as well around the world for the dwindling economy since the spread of Coronavirus. Where millions of people have been affected in the world of tourism, but there is always hope. Trust that virus soon be eradicated like other diseases in the past, as medication and immunization as well vaccination have been discovered.

Documents to be submitted at Kathmandu airport to obtain:

a.PCR Negative test report obtained within  72 hours prior to their departure from the first port of embarkation. 
b.Letter of recommendation from GoN if you are applying for Visa on arrival.
c. Hotel booking confirmation for 7 days quarantine
d. COVID Insurance of minimum USD 5000.
e. Return flight ticket. 
f. A confirmed itinerary of your trip prepared by the licensed and registered trekking and expedition company. 
g. Confirmation of online entry form of CCMC. Online Entry Form

Conclusion- Last but not the Least:

The above rules and regulations of Standard Operating Procedures and PCR system will soon be released and halted for good. Just in a few months in Nepal, to draw more visitors to awake from the sleepy days of tourism. 

Where jobs and business will soon be in action, by showing the wide-world countries that Nepal, is a safe country. From the Pandemic and other harmful diseases where trekkers can enjoy and breathe fresh clean Himalaya cool air.

A great country Nepal to refresh and to liberate oneself, after a year of confinement and Lockdown. So start packing and make a great move to various wonderful Himalayan destinations. Where Himalayan magnificent scenery and pristine wilderness will take care and heal you. From the memories of boredom and scare of Coronavirus.   

Please do contact us for further updates, on rules and regulations regarding tourist entry visas, as well interest for various Himalayan destinations, with one and only High Route Adventure and Travel Company.   

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