Top Things to Do in Namche Bazaar

Namche Bazaar

What to do in Namche Bazaar on your free day for acclimatization before heading to higher elevations to various exciting destinations. First of all, Namche Bazaar is the commercial hub of Khumbu on the way to Everest base camp. As well as for other adventures to Gokyo Valley or on route to cross over three high passes of Khumbu.

Whatever the goal and main highlight destinations of your plan and dreams, the way you prepared according to itinerary days. Namche Bazaar is the main vantage point for all routes and directions around the high Khumbu region of Everest.

For Trekkers, adventurers, peak climbers, or mountaineers most standard itinerary and guidelines has Namche Bazaar for rest days. Due to its perfect height for acclimatization, as well as for various exciting activities that one can enjoy.

Namche Bazaar is at an altitude of above 3,440 m / 11, 286 feet, and at the top of Namche Bazaar. Which is on route Tengboche and Everest base camp or Gokyo Valley, close to National Park Headquarters and Museum. Located at approx. 3,600 m or 11, 811 feet high, offers spectacular views of surrounding dramatic landscapes. As well as Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse, Ama-Dablam, and Kantega with Tharmasarku, Kwangde range of peaks. The view extends to Kusum Kanguru in the east with Pachermo towards the west and Khumbila in the north.

The views of great landscapes scenery and snow-capped peaks make Namche Bazaar, one of the highlights of the adventure.

The walking distance from Lukla to Namche Bazaar is approx. 19 k.m. / 12 miles. From Namche Bazaar to Everest base camp is approx. 36.7 k.m. / 23 miles. This makes Namche Bazaar the main station, for all treks around the Khumbu region. Whether going up towards Everest base camp or other higher destinations or on the return journey to Lukla. All trekkers and mountaineers have to pass through Namche Bazaar for an overnight halt or lunch stop.

Namche Bazaar’s location being on both routes makes it an important center for all trekkers, as well as for local Sherpa. Namche Bazaar also provides all types of facilities from banks, ATMs, and post offices to many good lodges and resorts. Including well-stocked fancy shops and stores classy restaurants, café, bars and pubs, and fresh bakeries also.

Namche Bazaar is a perfect place for various activities and to explore local cultures as well as for a short hike to viewpoints.

What to DO in Namche Bazaar on Rest Day for Acclimatization

Namche Bazaar is centrally located en route to various adventure destinations, most trekkers spend a few days in Namche Bazaar. Due to its perfect altitude for acclimatization, as well as varied different facilities for visitors and locals.

While at Namche Bazaar on a rest day, one can enjoy a short or long hike or just relax. As well as browse the street of Namche lined with shops, stores, café, and restaurants, having many good lodges and hotels. It is important and necessary to have a rest day in Namche Bazaar before you push towards higher terrains.

Things to Do in Namche Bazaar on a Rest Day

The Saturday Market                                 

Namche Bazaar will be more interesting if your rest day is on Saturday, and an exciting market takes place. Where traders, barters, and consumers crowd the market scenario, the Saturday market is lively and fun to observe.  

At the market, various commodities are for sale from grains, vegetables, fruits, canned foods, buffalo and pork meats. Including clothes, shoes, etc. besides all items for sale, and an opportunity to witness Sherpa in their traditional attire. Rest of the day relax and marvel at the lovely views of near Kwangde and its range of peaks.

Short Hike Around and Above Namche Bazaar

At Namche Bazaar, it is always best to have some exercise as well to support acclimatization. The best thing to do is have a good breakfast and take a short hike above Namche Bazaar. A steep climb for less than an hour to reach the Sagarmatha National Pak Headquarters and the museum. The Park Headquarters and Museum are located on a high scenic ridge at above 3,600 m high. From here enjoy the stunning views of Mt. Everest, Lhotse, and Nuptse with majestic

Ama Dablam, Kantega, and Tharmasarku. The views extend to Kwangde, Pachermo, and Khumbila peaks, as well as views of the Dudh Koshi River gorge. After a grand view of the peaks visit the museum treasures important information about the Khumbu region. The culture, flora/fauna history of the Sherpa and mountaineering of Khumbu areas with Mt. Everest Expedition.

The next best short hike of a few hours is to climb above Namche Bazaar to Syangboche. Overlooking superb birds-eye views of Namche Bazaar with surrounding snow-capped peaks. A steep climb of an hour to reach on top of a ridge where Syangboche is located. Syangboche with a small airstrip, built in the mid-1970s to ferry and charter guests on Helicopter to Everest View Hotel. 

Located above Syangboche and Khumjung village, at present, the airstrip is seldom used by Helicopter companies. From Syangboche a slow climb to a high ridge covered in dense tree lines of rhododendrons, pines, firs, and juniper. Then reach the posh mountain Resort at Everest View Hotel, which stands high above a ridge amidst rhododendron and pine trees.

This was the first luxurious and deluxe hotel ever built around the high mountainous region of the Himalayas. Located at 3,962 m / 13,000 feet; within the close backdrop of Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse, and Ama Dablam.

The Everest View Hotel has stood since 1971 and is currently recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. As the world’s highest hotels, visitors can enjoy the amazing experience of climbing above Namche Bazaar to Everest View Hotel. 

A wonderful and pleasant place for grand views of Mt. Everest in the comfort of the Luxurious Everest View Hotel. While enjoying a warm refreshing drink. Everest View Hotel with Helipad facilities, for visitors taking a Helicopter Service for Everest Tour. Interested and energetic people can extend the walks downhill to Khumjung village, located on a wide glacial valley.

A slow descent to Khumjung village, beneath the holy peak of Khumbila, the patron god of Khumbu Sherpa. A short tour of the old Khumjung monastery, an interesting place with a shrine with statues of Buddha. Includes large idols of other famous saints and Gurus, an opportunity to witness a scalp believed to be of a Yeti. Preserved in a glass box, so that visitors can get a glimpse after a donation to the monastery. From Khumjung short hike to adjoining Khunde village, which is almost the same size as Khumjung and much higher. From Khunde enjoy a panorama of the Khumbu Himal range. Includes views of Everest with Mt. Ama Dablam, and continue to walk to Syangboche airfield with a significant drop to Namche Bazaar. 

Longer Day Hike to Thame Village or Near About

For energetic and athletic person, can enjoy a long day hike to Thame village. Located en route to Gokyo Valley via Renjo-La pass, as well as towards the Nepal / Tibet border and Rolwaling Valley. A quaint sleepy village, where trekkers seldom visit Thame the last village at the western end of Khumbu Valley.

The hike is on a gradual winding path with few steep ups to reach Thamo village. A village with a Hydroelectricity project for all of Khumbu, as well as the home of the famous late Ang Rita Sherpa (nicknamed Snow Leopard).

The first 10th-time climber on top of Mt. Everest without the aid of Oxygen. From Thame walk on a winding path with a short descent to the river of Bhote Koshi. A slow uphill to Thame village at 3,880 m high with great views of the Kwangde Himal range. Thame with 500 years a 500-year-old monastery, worth a visit for cultural and religious interest. As well as for surrounding landscapes and mountain views. From Thame head back on the same route to Namche Bazaar. 

 The whole hike with few refreshing stops, takes more than 5-6 hours of good steady walks.

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