Top 10 Things to Do in Langtang Valley Trek

Things to Do in Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang Valley is a valley of glacier masses. You will get a glimpse of beautiful scenarios in Langtang Valley Trek. It is one of the most popular and famous trekking destinations among national or international tourists in Nepal. Many people visit and explore Langtang Valley, whether domestic or international tourists.

However, the region is isolated from modernization and crowds. This region has a large variation of flora, fauna, and endangered wildlife. This region is protected under the Langtang National Park. This trekking spot is located close to the Kathmandu Valley- 51 kilometres to the north. 

Compared to other trekking destinations, the trail in Langtang Valley trek is less crowded and rugged. Langtang Valley is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for nature lovers. This trek allows the visitor to explore the region’s beauty, including panorama views of mountains, lakes, forests, pasture land, and verdant landscapes. 

Passing through the trails, you can discover the ethnic villages settled in that area. In short, it is mesmerizing to experience the incredible sceneries, wildlife, mountains, and hospitality of the locals residing around the Langtang region.

Langtang Lirung Sightseeing 

There are several Himalaya ranges in the Langtang region. Himalayas such as Langtang Lirung (7246 m) and Ganesh Himal (7422 m) are the attractions in Langtang Valley. It takes a few hours of drive to Langtang region from Kathmandu city. 

It allows the visitors to enjoy the views of surrounding hills and the huge flowing Trishuli river while heading out for the destination, approximately a 7-hour ride. The beauty of Langtang Valley is unforgettable. 

The view of Langtang Lirung alone is enough to take your breath away. Moreover, as you pass through the trails of Kyanjin Ri, you will see the amazing view of Gangchhenpo, Dorje Lakpa and Langshisha.

Many mountain peaks, such as Langtang Lirung, Changbu, and Yubra, surround the Langtang Lirung Glacier. It is located near Kyanjin Ri.   

Kyanjin Gompa and Buddhist culture 

While walking along the trail, many mani walls, prayers, flags, and Buddhist monasteries. The ancient monastery of Kyanjin Gompa is located at the lap of Mount Langtang Lirung. The famous Kyanjin Gompa, a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery, is believed to be about 400 years old and is the most sacred monastery in Langtang. 

You can easily spend and enjoy a trip to Kyanjin Gompa with the admiring views of the mountains surrounding this area. Numbers of other trails can also be taken to explore from here. You can do Helambu Circuit Trek, Yala Peak climb or Tserko Ri, the highest point in Kyanjin. 

The Buddhist religion is commonly found in the Langtang region.  

Explore Tamang Heritage

The Tamang community is the dominant ethnic group in this region. They are particularly the descendant of the Tibetian family. They follow Buddhism and Tamang culture. 

Trekkers will encounter the Tamang Museum, which shows the Tamang lifestyle, culture, costumes, cuisines, and tradition. The Tamang community is enriched in cultures. The Langtang Trail is also considered the Tamang Heritage Trail, as the Tamang culture greatly influences this region. 

The locals along the trails offer the Trekkers loving behaviour and hospitality.  

Langtang National Park 

Langtang National Park was established in 1976. It is located above an elevation range of 6450 meters. The Langtang National Park is home to Langtang ranges and various wildfires and plants. It includes Langtang Lirung, Langtang Ri, Dorje Lakpa and Gosainkunda lake. 

Langtang National Park is well protected, conserved and reserved place. It exhibits the 14 vegetation types in 18 ecosystem types. Around 25 % of the area in the park is forested. There is also the belief that the Yeti living in the park is a mythical abominable snowman famous in Himalayan folklore.

The best thing about this trekking is that you can enjoy the unforgettable view of the national park along with the magnificent Himalayas ranges throughout the journey. Trekkers can also hike to Kyanjin Ri, tserko Ri, and Goshainkunda through the national park. 

Explore Flora, Fauna, and Wildlife 

Since Langtang Valley is under Langtang National Park, there are varieties of flora and fauna found in this region. There is a presence of flora and fauna species with 46 mammals such as snow leopards, Tibetan Sheep, red pandas, Himalayan tahr, black bears, and many more.  

Trekkers can also explore a wide variety of bird species, such as wood snipe, red-headed vulture and many others. Langtang National Park is a home for exotic species. So, many endangered and rare species are protected in this area. Seeing different species of flora, fauna, and wildlife amazes the trekkers.

Hiking trails and Yala peak climbing

Yala Peak is the trekking peak located in the Langtang Valley. The region is between the icy glacier and the Tibetian border. The Langtang region peaks are the least expensive to climb. The peaks are also of the shortest distance. So, it is best for beginners with zero experience and someone who wants the shortest trip.

Yala peak climb starts with the ascend to Yala Base Camp. The Yala peak climb is really pleasant. You will experience the Tamang and Sherpa communities along the trail. After passing through the rugged terrain landscapes, the stunning view of Langtang Valley panoramic view of Langtang range with Shisha Pangma amazes you. The Yala trek is comparatively easy. 

Gosainkunda Lake Trek

Gosainkunda is part of the Langtang National Park. It is located in Rasuwa district. It is one of the 108 lakes found in the Langtang area. During the winter season (October to June month), it remains frozen. 

Gosainkunda Lake – located at an altitude of 4,380 meters \ 14,370 ft and approximately covers an area of 137,593 square meters. However, A tour by Helicopter is also available. 

There is also a belief that says this lake was formed by Lord Shiva, according to Hindu mythology. Due to this reason, the Gosainkunda is a holy and sacred site for Hindus. Hindu followers believe that taking a dip in the water cleanses their sins. Therefore, it receives many visitors. 

Tserko Ri 

Tserko Ri is about 5033 m (16,512 ft) above sea level. The Tserko Ri is regarded as a challenging hike due to its high altitude. Trekkers can find the amazing adventure of a lifetime, and the views from this place are paranormal.

The weather conditions in the Tserko Ri are only sometimes certain. So, the best time to visit or hike this place is spring and autumn. Trekkers can climb tserko Ri peak from Kyanjin Gompa. It takes around 6-7 hours to reach the destination. Trekkers can enjoy the majestic panoramic view of the Langtang mountain range and Shisha Pangma mountain from the top of the Tserko Ri peak. 

Teahouse or Camping 

In the Langtang region, there is two option provided to trekkers. The options are teahouse trek or camping trek. The trek ascends according to the choices of the trekkers. During the teahouse trek, delicious local delicacies and the warm welcoming or hospitality of those living in that region melt your heart. 

There is a camping option in the Langtang Valley trek. You can enjoy a camping trek in the Langtang. It requires a trek crew and also a camping equipment. 

Explore the Swiss-style Cheese Factory 

Langtang is the centre for the production of organic yak cheese. The factory here produces the Swiss-style cheese produced with local yak milk. Swiss dairy specialist Werner Schulthess founded it in the 1950s. 

Langtang Valley is far from buzzing cities and the milk could not be transported. So, he came up with the idea of making alpine-type hard cheese. Slowly the cheese became popular, and now the demand for it is high. 

During your Langtang Valley trek, you can explore and enjoy the local cheese amid the Himalayas. Visitors also can enjoy the fresh cheddar made in the cheese factory. The old cheese factory in Kyanjin Gompa is the most popular in the Langtang Valley Trek. 

Final Thoughts

Far from the chaos of Kathmandu, the Langtang Valley moves to a rhythm of its own. For peaceful scenery from glacial valleys to meadows, along with an encounter with enduring ancient cultures, the Langtang Valley Trek offers adventurers an unforgettable experience.

When it comes to trekking adventures, challenge yourself on the high mountain passes while immersing in the rich Sherpa culture. The Langtang region will beat your expectations. Just be sure to save room on your camera for the jaw-dropping Himalayan vistas around every turn.

As you can see, the Langtang Valley Trek has a lot to offer visitors. So start planning your trip today and cross these top 10 things to do in Langtang Valley Trek off your bucket list! 

Have you trekked in the Langtang region before? Share your top tips and favorite moments in the comments. Happy adventuring!

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