Sujan Kapri

In the field of tourism, experience speaks for itself and Mr. Sujan Kapri has a lot of those. He has over two years of experience as a porter guide and 4 years as a mountain guide. He has always sought something more than just plain travel and finds great fun in adventures. While today he might be a veteran, Mr. Kapri started at the village of Sahid Lakhan in Gorkha. He explored the serene forests in the foothills of the Ganesh, Shringi, and Mansiri ranges.

Since his early childhood, Kapri has taken on numerous endeavors across Nepal to explore the country and recognize the challenges that lie ahead. Having seen and experienced the beauty himself, Mr. Kapri seeks to implement and organize innovative trips and services. As a Tour Operator, Kapri is responsible for rather lucrative trips and offers across Nepal. At High Route Adventure, Kapri makes sure that the beauty of Nepal is appreciated by all kinds of travelers.

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