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Prakash Kapri
Operations Director
One of the biggest assets of High Route Adventure, Mr. Prakash Kapri has always been a fascinating soul who loves to travel. Across his years of travel, he recognized the potential of Nepal as one of the greatest travel destinations in the world. He also received most of his inspirations from the beauty of the majestic Himalayas to the northern front of his village in Gorkha. Over the years, he has developed a keen sense of intuition regarding the liking and needs of travelers. His 12 years of work experience as a porter, guide, and trip leader have helped him to make sure that the desires of the travelers are always fulfilled on any trip.

Today, He is the Founder and Operations Director at High Route Adventure where he leads a team of skilled and experienced individuals including guides and porters. His leadership and interpersonal skills have been inspirational to many in the company. Quickly, he is also becoming one of the most active figures in Nepalese tourism.
Sujan Kapri
Tour Operator
In the field of tourism, experience speaks for itself and Mr. Sujan Kapri has a lot of those. He has over two years of experience as a porter guide and 4 years as a mountain guide. He has always sought something more than just plain travel and finds great fun in adventures. While today he might be a veteran, Mr. Kapri started at the village of Sahid Lakhan in Gorkha. He explored the serene forests in the foothills of the Ganesh, Shringi, and Mansiri ranges.

Since his early childhood, Kapri has taken on numerous endeavors across Nepal to explore the country and recognize the challenges that lie ahead. Having seen and experienced the beauty himself, Mr. Kapri seeks to implement and organize innovative trips and services. As a Tour Operator, Kapri is responsible for rather lucrative trips and offers across Nepal. At High Route Adventure, Kapri makes sure that the beauty of Nepal is appreciated by all kinds of travelers.
arjun amgai
Arjun Amgai
Managing Director
With a whole lot of love and passion for travel, Arjun Amgain began his journey in Gorkha. As Mr. amgain remembers, the beauty of the Ganesh and Mansiri Himal ranges mesmerized him and encouraged him to share this beauty with the world. As such, he set out on a journey to help travelers explore Nepal. Having completed his Bachelor’s, Mr. Amgain uses his skill and experience as a Founder and Managing Director at High Route Adventure.

He is one of the biggest icons at High Route Adventure and always seeks to offer quality services to clients. He has garnered great expertise over 7 years of work in Nepalese tourism. Although a 36-year old travel enthusiast, his drive to take the company to greater heights has helped him take initiatives to flourish tourism in both Gorkha and Nepal. All in all, with Amgain at the helm of operations at High Route Adventure, we provide standard services and trips to all those who want to enjoy Nepal.
Rabina Amgai
Rabina Amgain has been working as an accountant for the company High Route Adventure since 2020. Rabina Amgain was born in the Nepal, Gorkha. Miss. Rabina passed his secondary level from Shree Siddhakali secondary school and high school from Lincoln College. Currently, she is pursuing a bachelor of management. She helps keep the company's finances organized and follows all the rules. She always thinks about serving the best of our clients. Rabina is the person who has a very hard worker and good personality. She can manage any situation. She has a different level of communication and confidence with anyone. Rabina has a big dream to contribute in this field. She is an energetic and diligent girl. Her habit is to work as hard as she can and respect everyone.

Prem Devkota
Trekking Guide
Working for over 10 years in the travel industry, Mr. Prem Devkota has been directing sightseers from various areas of the planet. He expects additional development of the possibilities of the travel industry in Nepal. The veneration for his nation's way of life and geographic appeal has impacted his soul for journeying and causing explorers to see the excellence of Nepal. He is drenched in this field of work and helps individuals to acquire information on all that Nepal brings to the table. He wishes to consider Nepal to be the most ideal getaway spot, as a reality perceived by most of the world. With his enthusiasm to travel and to lead adventurers through the path, he believes this calling to be dreamlike and the way that consistently is a wonderful occasion in the Himalayas. His cordial nature makes the excursion lose and lovely.
Bhumi Amgain
Trekking Guide
Born and Raised in Gorkha District in Nepal. Mr. Bhumi is a Passionate trekking Leader with over 10 years of field experience. He has a huge knowledge of field experience sharp and well versed in his work. He has handled several clients and customers from all parts of the world at different trekking zones and has always come up with good reviews of his work. He is good at looking after the guests and care of their requirements. He also has a vast knowledge of Nepal, its culture, places, and its people. He also likes to enlighten his guests about Nepal and its rich heritage during the trip, a quality that makes him a valued touring companion among guests of HRA. He's a professional yet veritably approachable and instructional companion.
Ganesh Regmi
Ganesh Regmi
Trekking Guide
Ganesh Regmi is an exceptionally Professional Guide with over 12 years of involvement. He has been working with High Route Adventure beginning around 2018, and his trekking experience-alongside his expert points of view make him the best at what he does. He has huge information about the mountains and the traveling trails and he utilizes this to make traveling stumbles into illuminating excursions. Ganesh is a cultivated and skillful journeying guide who preferences voyaging and knows basically everything there is to know about the paths in the mountains. With a well-disposed vibe, he coexists with individuals and is extremely out-going. With numerous long stretches of journeying and directing in the paths of the mountains, Ganesh is a friendly individual who is exceptionally enjoyable to be near.
Kapil was born into the world in 1991 in the delightful town of Gorkha and had been working in the travel industry for more than 12 years. He is an exceptionally experienced journeying pioneer who has directed and driven many adventurers in different districts of Nepal including the most renowned traveling zones alongside remote and more unfamiliar paths. He has gone explorers to the famous Everest, Annapurna, Upper Mustang, and Langtang districts various times and is likewise well acquainted with the Helambu journey, and Panchase journey just to give some examples. Kapil can communicate in English and Hindi well. He gets commended a considerable amount by our clients for his humbleness and well-disposed nature with a devotion to his work and giving absolute attention to detail to his clients.

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