Solo Trekking in Nepal is no Longer Allowed from April 2023 Onwards

Solo Trekking in Nepal is no Longer Allowed from April 2023 Onwards

Attention! Attention!! Attention!!!

Especially for solo or individual travelers who wish to trek on their own without being accompanied by a proper legal guide. The new rules have been declared, that from April 1st, 2023 onwards there will be no more solo trekking.

As per the fresh new law issued by the Government of Nepal and the Tourism Department. Where all must join and book with reputed local trekking agencies Regisrated and Authorized by the Tourism Department of Nepal. 

Those good days are gone when trekkers enjoyed trekking alone as solo travelers or with a couple of friends. Joining the same Himalayan destinations in Nepal, especially young trekkers loved walking on their own or with friends.

Individual or solo trekkers just needed a good guidebook and maps of the areas. Where they could travel around anywhere in Nepal Himalayas, except some areas listed as restricted. But from April 2023 onwards, solo trekkers, as known as FIT (Free Individual trekker/tourist) in the tourism world.

Will be not allowed to trek as FIT or solo, must be accompanied by guide holding Government approved license. As well as the related Tourism Department of Nepal, the rules apply from this year 2023, the 1st of April.

Most travelers around the world might be unaware of the new regulation made by the Nepal Tourism Department. For various reasons Government of Nepal and the Tourism Department came to the decision, not to allow individuals to trek on their own. Since Nepal became the foremost and premier country as number one for all types of adventure like trekking.

Where trekkers could travel around the Nepal Himalayas without the aid or company of a guide. The solo or individual became popular among the group of young people who dared to venture on their own.

Saving the cost of guides and porters, they could trek on their spending limited expenses of shoestring budgets. Trekking solo or as independent travelers, allowed the freedom to do their way. Either staying much longer in one place or moving on to cover the destination in a short frame of time.

The solo trekkers had their own will of desire and interest as well as mixing with the locals and making friends. Which was an enjoyable way of taking pleasure in Nepal being a solo or individual trekker. The main reason for traveling individually or solo is to save expenses and as well to enjoy and fulfilling a dream destination.

The Good and Bad Sides of Trekking Solo as an Individual

The good side of trekking solo as an individual is, first of all saving expenses and traveling at minor or standard budgets. On solo trekking having the liberty to do their way and plan their itinerary as per one budget.

As solo individual trekkers can choose their overnight stops as well mixing with the locals and the cultures. Making the treks shorter or longer days as per the permit issued for a certain number of days. 

The bad side of trekking solo as an individual, in the first place, is if one gets sick. Due to the hygiene in food and drinking water or from own medical history, as well from high altitude. The solo can face all types of consequences that can lead to serious problems, especially in the midst of nowhere. Where next villages or health posts are not available within reach, can lead to the danger of getting worse. At that time of serious needs, one will feel bad and regret not having a guide to accompany. Taking a good guide from a reliable company either from Kathmandu or Pokhara will be a great help and support.

The Good Side of Having a Guide to Accompany

The good positive side of having a guide will be a great company and knowing the cultures and customs. The guide can provide much information and knowledge of the areas of travel from local traditions to flora and fauna.

As well as a guide can communicate well with the local villagers and makes the trekking much more meaningful and worth it. The guide can show you the better routes if you are confused with turn-off in most places on treks. Where there are no signboards or arrows to show the right directions, with a guide at least one will be safe. Especially if one gets sick, at least the guide can take care and will do his best, to bring; the patient to the nearest safe place.

There are many ways where a guide can do wonders to make your holidays most enjoyable and memorable. In the past years, there were certain cases of trekking even on the main trails, where some trekkers got lost. Who has disappeared without any traces except for the name and passport recorded by and registrar at local checkpoints? 

Some were trekkers were found having been lost for many days feeling weak and sick with hunger. Those were the trekkers who chose the wrong direction without knowing of the danger that befalls.

So having a guide and booking with a good reliable local company is the safest mode of trekking around the Nepal Himalayas.

The reason for having a guide from this year 2023 onwards is for your safety and to be secure. Around the Himalayas accidents, landslides or avalanches with broken trails can happen at any time; even at the best time of the season.

Nepal is always known as a safe and friendly place with great hospitality for foreign visitors. But sometimes solo and individual trekkers have made the wrong impression of the country. Especially with the missing trekkers who have been lost and some never been found. After being searched by various companies’ professional and veteran guides who were experts in the areas.

Conclusion of Having Guides

Being solo or individual trekkers might be good to trek with limited budgets, but the danger is always there. Where and how no one knows of sudden unfortunate incidence that might be risky ways of traveling on their own. Taking guides will be there always, to keep you away from danger, as well as being good company and comfort. The good thing about having a guide is you are employing him, where he can earn a better living.

During Covid-19 all guides were out of their job and were in bad positions without any work for two years. This is the dawning of good ways of trekking in the Himalayas having a guide, and you feel good; and that you are employing him/her. As well the guide can have a better future in trekking, and bring a good economy to the country including lodges on route trekking.

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