Zen beauty in every step, attentive guidance in every way

Langtang Valley

The Langtang valley beckoned
Rustic tea house nestled
Among the winding mountain roads
We pressed onward, tired feet but full hearts
like little children playing at the stone steps
of Mother Mountain home
Momo, dal bhat, Korean ramen
Every meal night capped with fresh apples and
Warmth of the firewood

We could not ask for more
From our tireless guide Prakash
Every slope he lifted our spirits
With well-paced breaks
At every stop he filled our aching bodies
With laughter belted out from the depth of our bellies
Every night he tended to our meals and sleep
High route adventure
Is the beginning of our passion
For finding peace in the wild
For finding friendship in hardship
For finding ourselves again.

If you ever feel lost
If you ever feel like a trip
To the beautiful milieu of Langtang
Call Prakash
And begin your

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