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Tourism is a two-way beneficial activity prospering the traveler as well as the host country. As an individual engages in travel, they benefit themselves by meeting new people in new places and experiencing their culture. Their expenditure during the travel benefits the local economy of the host country. However, tourism is more than just money and experience.

Nepal is famous for its rich natural and cultural diversity. Preserving this heritage is one of the top priorities of the nation. Every year, thousands of tourists from all over the world visit Nepal to experience its natural and cultural beauty. The growth of international tourism in Nepal has been financially beneficial. However, it has also resulted in increasing rates of environmental degradation and a threat to the heritage. Thus, High Route Adventure brings forth responsible tourism which focuses on minimizing the negative impacts of tourism as well as increasing benefits for the environment and society.

Responsible tourism is a way of travel where you as an individual contribute towards the preservation and protection of the natural and socio-cultural aspects of the host country. The government, tour operators, local people, as well as tourists, must put continual effort into achieving the goal of preserving Nepal’s prestigious heritage. 

High Route Adventure has been working as responsible for tourism for a while and has also been conducting several programs that promote responsible tourism. Our services are targeted to rural communities to help them gain more knowledge about responsible tourism and its importance. We mostly hire and train local people to be able to boost the economy of rural communities and also provide employment opportunities. Our other services include organizing health camps, awareness campaigns, and teaching programs. We also encourage tourists to take part in such programs.

Participating in responsible tourism will provide you with an opportunity to contribute to society and the environment. We make sure our clients are well aware of the responsible tourism guideline that helps to minimize pollution and disturbance to the environment. Thus, to enjoy traveling while also being a responsible tourist, High Route Adventure is the right choice for you!

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