Pokhara Named Nepal’s Tourism Capital

Pokhara Named Nepal's Tourism Capital

March 17, 2024, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal declared Pokhara as the tourism capital of Nepal. Whether it be the vacation place or the gateway to the Annapurna region, Pokhara has always been the tourist hub. A ceremony was held at Barahighat near Phewa Lake for the declaration. 

Dhanaraj Acharya, the Mayor of Pokhara, believes that there won’t just be a rise in Pokhara’s tourism but the whole Gandaki province because of the declaration. A thorough evaluation process has been made considering distinct character and strengths for Pokhara’s selection. 

Additionally, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal showcased the beauty of Pokhara being the ideal combination of scenic nature and cultural experiences. 

Pokhara Tourism Council (PTC) submitted the following Memorandum on the day of declaration to the Prime Minister: 

  • Immediate launch of international flights from Pokhara Regional International Airport requested
  • Concerns raised over poor condition of major roadways and limited international flights
  • Support sought for loan repayments and revitalization of the tourism sector
  • Restructuring of Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) with Pokhara representation on the Executive Board 
  • Review of ban on individual paragliding urged to avoid discouraging adventure sports enthusiasts

Pokhara being the tourism capital will lead to enhancing economic growth throughout the region by developing Pokhara’s capacity. Consequently, Pokhara can grow as a premier tourist destination with the concerns raised by PTC. 

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