Mountain Flight in Nepal – All Visitors Need to Know

Mountain Flight in Nepal

The first and important query that all visitors should need to know, Nepal is a beautiful country with great landscape bio-diversity. Includes the world’s highest Mt. Everest to the low sub-tropical of the Terai belt, which makes the country a unique place on earth.

For visitors to capture most of Nepal’s beautiful landscapes and high Himalayan range from the air, take a Mountain Flight.

Everest Mountain Flight

Everest Mountain Flight is one of the most popular, and exciting ways to view the world’s highest peaks in a short time. In Kathmandu, during the best seasons of the year, Everest Mountain Flight runs every early morning till mid-day.

An opportunity for visitors with limited time in Nepal, and dreams of seeing Mt. Everest. The only fastest way is to book for Everest Mountain Flight for an hour or less scenic flight. Where all passengers get the comfort of a window seat to view the high Himalayan peaks with Mt. Everest.

The aircraft flies both ways so that all can have the chance to get a wonderful panorama of the Himalayan Mountain range. Includes grand glorious views of Mt. Everest at its closest distance to other world’s highest peaks. 

Annapurna Mountain Flight

The Annapurna Mountain Flight operates from the beautiful city airport of Pokhara, located on the laps of the Annapurna Himalayas.

From Pokhara, the closest mountain range is Annapurna Himalaya, a mere air distance of 37 k.m. towards the North direction. A flight of less than an hour covers views of the massive range of the Annapurna Himalayas group of peaks. 

Includes views of Lamjung Himal and Manaslu Himal towards the east with Mt. Dhaulagiri in the far west. As well as dramatic and beautiful landscapes of Mid-West Nepal, rolling green hills and verdant valleys dotted with farm villages.

The Major Attraction Joining in for Mountain Flights

The major attraction of joining Mountain flights, all passengers receive the following facilities and benefits.

Guaranteed Window Seats

Soon as you step in the big aircraft either Jetstream or Turbo Engine with 60 to 70 seated airplanes. The seating arrangement is allocated as per the boarding pass on flight booking by oneself or through travel agents. Where all guest gets spacious window seats as guaranteed by the airlines. On both sides, the passengers will have the opportunity to view the panorama of Himalayan peaks. 

The pilot makes the best effort flying both ways so that all passengers can enjoy the marvelous Himalayan Mountain views. 

Incredible 360° Wide Panorama of the Himalayan Giant Mountain Range

From the moment, the aircraft lifts off into the Himalayan clear blue sky enjoy the incredible wide 360° Himalayan panorama. Includes grand views of Kathmandu city and the valley surrounded by tiers of green hills with contrast to white peaks.

The plane heads east towards Mt. Everest range, facing Mt. Lhotse and Mt. Makalu with a superb view of Mt. Everest. The plane heads towards Kathmandu, where on the other side passengers can enjoy the views of the Himalayan mountain range.

Affordable Price

A great way to view the world’s highest peaks is by joining in for Everest and Mountain Flight at affordable cost airfare. The easiest and best way to experience Nepal’s beautiful landscapes and Himalayan peaks is at reasonable and affordable airfare.

Step Into The Cockpit

The delightful and exciting moment of Everest and Mountain Flight, where the interested passenger can have the opportunity. Stepping inside the pilot’s cabin in the cockpit will be a great pleasure to view the Himalayan peaks. Passengers are allowed to visit the cockpit during the flight that is after take-off and before landing. 


All passengers are honored with an airlines certificate for joining the Mountain Flight with the respective airlines. The certificate you receives describes that you had an enjoyable time joining in for a great flight with concerned airlines.

Nepal Mountain Flight Operator

Since the flow of foreign visitors arrival in Nepal for various adventures as well as other leisure tours and holidays. In Nepal, many private airlines were established to cover and fulfill the needs of the tourism industry. Where domestic airlines companies play a major role to uplift the standard of tourism in Nepal.

Over the past few decades of times, private airlines have mushroomed, and few companies came and disappeared. At present, there are several best airlines companies in operation for domestic and foreign passengers.

Yeti Airlines, a leading airline been operating service for the last two decades till present. Yeti airlines with 16 moderate size modern aircraft with Jetstream airplanes ATR 72-500 models that run services throughout Nepal. 

Especially around big cities and towns of Nepal suitable with all seasonal airports, as well for Mountain flights. For the mountainous region, the airline has a sister company called Tara Airlines with smaller STOL aircraft. Suitable for ‘Short Take Off Landing’ landing at various smaller airstrips around mountains and hilly areas. 

Similarly, Buddha Air is another great airline on the list in Nepal for domestic operations. Flies around Nepal’s major domestic airport using the model aircraft Turbo Engine Beechcraft 1900 D. ATR 42-320 and ATR 72-500.

The company with 16 aircraft is popular for operating Mountain Flight services, with more than 40 seats for passengers.

The rising and leading at present are Shree Airlines, which started its function in the past 8 years. The airline operates Turbo-Jet and recently added another aircraft Bombardier Dash 8-Q 400 to its fleet. Flies to various major towns and cities of Nepal including Mountain Flight every morning at the best time of the seasons. 

What is the Cost of Mountain Flight?

The cost for Mountain Flights normally depends upon season-wise, which is subject to change at any time. As per the airline’s rules and of Nepal Civil Aviation, but at present, as follows.

  • For Nepalese: NPR 11300 Per person
  • For Indian Nationality: INR 7063.00 Per Person
  • Other Nationality: US$ 194.00 Per Person

Besides the flight cost, extra charge for transportation to and from the hotel/airport and vice versa.

How to Book Mountain Flight?

Can book anytime at a convenient time whether for Kathmandu residence or booking from abroad. Depending upon the season-wise, just contact us through our home page/websites.  

Why Book with Us?

Booking with us means hassle-free once booked just relax HRA will do the rest. Getting the best seats on the first flight, a reliable company for all your needs and comforts. Where the company will provide you with updated information and details, as well as affordable prices for any holidays with us. 

When booking any trip with us including Mountain Flight, the company provides all necessary information. Assuring enjoyable and memorable holidays with us, compared to other companies we provide extra effort in all our services.

Booking with us means safe, reliable, and money-worth of holidays with memorable, enjoyable times in Nepal or other Himalayan destinations. 


Private transportation will be provided from HRA on booking the Mountain flight. Where the company added the cost of transportation with the Mountain flight fare. Transportation depends upon the size of a group either in a car, coach or in Tourist comfortable Bus. It will be at your disposal till you complete the enjoyable Mountain Flight.

Reschedule and Refund

Depending upon fine and clear weather for Mountain flights, sometimes the flight might get delayed or rescheduled for the next morning. 

The Himalayan weather can be unpredictable sometimes even in the best seasons of the year. However, the airlines and the company will do all they can within the limit and control. In case of a flight being canceled shifted to the next day on the same tickets. People who do not have time for the next day, and need a refund will be repaid but deducted from the cost of transportation and service charges as per the airlines and local company’s rules and policy. 

Discounts as per Seasonal wise

In high tourist seasons, in spring and autumn times, the price of the fare is provided above. But in the low season of winter from December to February, the price will be slightly lower at a discount rate as per the airline’s rules and regulations.

For larger groups and children below 8 years old, where the discount will be made on showing the birth certificate or any valid documents and passports. 

Best Months and Seasons for Mountain Flight 

The best seasons are in spring from March to May and autumn times of September to November months. Most days and morning is fine, clear for a Mountain flight to enjoy the alluring panorama of Himalayan peaks with Mt. Everest. Winter times of December to February are also best for Mountain Flights. But cold morning needs warmer gear to wear departing for the airport and on flight as well.

Mountain Flight Itinerary and Cancellation Policy

 Mountain flight on booking the local agents will provide transportation from the hotel or respective location to the airport. Along with staff an airport, representative to check you in at the airport terminal ticket counter.

Hands your boarding pass for the Mountain Flight, the time is mentioned on the air ticket of the airlines. Normally departure for Kathmandu domestic airport from 6 a.m. onwards till late 10 a.m. depending upon the clear weather condition. Sometimes, one needs to wait at the airport lounge till the flight announcement is made and then walk into a bus. 

A short drive to the aircraft parking area, and then board the airplane, as per the seat allocated. Waiting for the weather forecast from the main tower and green signal, then the plane takes off. In case of unfavorable weather conditions, the flight can be delayed as long as 10-11 a.m.

It could get canceled and postponed for next early morning, for people with not much time. May leads to canceling the flight for the next day, in this situation the company will make a refund. The airlines and concerned local company booked from, the agency will charge a slight amount. 

As per the cancellation rules and norms or policy, the deduction is made for the transportation, as per vehicles used. The other amount will be fully refunded with some service charge as per the companies’ policy. 

Mountain Flight by Helicopter as Optional

Some interested people might be keen to enjoy Himalayan peaks and the world’s highest peaks at close distance. Apart from regular scheduled Mountain flights on normal airplanes, the best option is a helicopter tour.

Nobel Holidays organizes Helicopter Tour around the mountainous region as follows:

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

everest helicopter tour
Everest Helicopter Tour

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour, the most exciting flight to enchantment facing Mt. Everest at the closest distance. Maximum of 3-4 hours flight, weather permitting, take you around Everest base camp and then landing at the best view-point. Standing beneath the world’s towering peaks of Mt. Everest, Lhotse, and Nuptse at 5, 250 m high below the rocky hill of Kalapathar.

The Helicopter does not land at Everest base camp, for several good reasons safety-wise. The base is full of the moraine of rocks and ice where Helipad does not exist due to the movement of glaciers. Even though if it could land it is not safe where rockfalls and avalanches can take place anytime.

The other reason is the view of Mt. Everest is hidden by the giant peaks of Lhotse, Nuptse, and Lola. 

The best scenic spot to land a Helicopter is at the upper base of Kalapathar rocky hill. A great place for overwhelming and closest views of Mt. Everest with surrounding high giant peaks.

A helicopter flight takes off from Kathmandu covering 160 k.m. / 100 miles distance in just a few hours. Landing at the famed Everest View Hotel for breakfast and other refreshments in the close shade of Mt. Everest.

Langtang Helicopter Tour

The closest and fastest way to be close to Himalayan peaks is taking a Langtang Helicopter Tour. A scenic flight of fewer than two hours, Langtang Himalaya is located north and Central Himalaya. 

A mere 32 k.m. of air distance from the capital Kathmandu, enjoy the panorama of Himalayan peaks. Heading north over green high hills to land at Kyanjin a lovely settlement within beautiful Langtang Valley.

The flight takes less than an hour facing sweeping wide angles of Himalayan peaks as far as Manaslu, Ganesh Himal. Enjoy the picturesque views of high snow peaks that surround the Langtang valley at the height of 3, 810 m.

Extension flight to holy Gosainkunda Lake, situated south of Langtang Himal, a sacred spot for both Hindu and Buddhist religions. The Langtang Helicopter Tours of less than two hours, enjoying the spectacular close views of Himalayan peaks.

Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Starts from scenic Pokhara city and its beautiful verdant valley with serene lakes surrounded by tiers of green hills. A short flight of less than an hour, heading north towards massif Annapurna Himalayas having a mind-blowing experience. 

From the moment of take-off to landing, views of Annapurna, Manaslu Himalaya follow with majestic Machhapuchare Himal / Fish-Tail peak.

Actually, helicopters are not allowed to land at Annapurna Base Camp. The chopper does a swift round of beautiful Annapurna Sanctuary and of the base camp, facing an alluring panorama of snow-clad peaks.

Muktinath Helicopter Tour

Muktinath Helicopter Tour landing at 3,800 m high on the holy spot around Far West Nepal at Mustang district. Muktinath is revered, as a sacred spiritual pilgrimage destination for Hindus as well as for some Buddhist followers. 

The flight takes off from scenic Pokhara city airport, heading North-West over green hills and valleys. Where views of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri follow all the way till it lands at the holy premises of Muktinath. Enter the Muktinath temple compound and enjoy a cold bath on the holy 108 water spouts. 

After a holy wash, bathe then perform the religious rites of prayer, worship, and get blessed by the priest. 

Time to visit the nearby monastery and witness the glory of nature facing the grand vista of snow-clad peaks.

A swift flight brings you back to Pokhara after a most amazing joy ride on a Helicopter Tour.


Mountain Flight in Nepal is a great way to enjoy a holiday for a day, weeks or more around various exotic places. A perfect destination for all types of vacation, especially for people with limited time, who dreams to see Mt. Everest.

Nepal offers a wide range of outdoor activities from leisure, and moderate to challenging adventures. But the best and shortest is taking a Mountain Flight to enchantment being close to the world’s highest peaks.

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