Mera Peak Climbing Permit

Mera Peak Climbing Permit

Mera Peak(6476m), situated in the Nepalese Himalayas in the Mahalangur range, is considered a climbing peak. Climbers need to obtain a Mera Peak Climbing Permit before embarking on this thrilling and adventurous journey.

All climbers must have this permit and should carry it all the time during their journey. Before getting this permit, you should know that it is non-refundable and transferable.

If you fail to show the permit, you will not be able to join the adventure further. So we suggest you keep this permit safe all the time. Along with the permit, follow all the rules, regulations, and safety measures.

Let’s keep reading to find out what documents you need for the Mera Peak Climbing and the different types of permits you have to get.

Essential Documents Required for the Permits

To make your climbing journey hassle-free, you can even obtain a permit with the help of a trekking agency in Nepal. To obtain the permit, you need to arrange this thing and pay a certain amount of money.

  • Valid two passport-sized photos and a photocopy of your passport for each permit
  • Accurately filled permit forms 
  • Permit fee( Should be paid in Nepali currency)
  • Travel Insurance

Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) Climbing Permit

The Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) is a non-governmental, non-profit, and non-political organization serving as the national alpine association. After submitting the essential document, NMA will issue the climbing permit for you. Regardless of the Mera Peak climbing route you pick, the price of the NMA Mera Peak Climbing Permit changes based on the season. Spring and Autumn are peak times for climbing, so the price is a little higher in this season, especially in the spring season.

  • Spring (March, April, and May)- NPR 4000 (approx. USD 250)
  • Autumn (September, October, and November)- NPR 2000 (approx. USD 125)
  • Winter (December, January, and February)- NPR 1000 (approx. USD 70)
  • Summer (June, July, and August)- NPR 1000 (approx. USD 70)

Note: Those who are under 18 years old cannot participate in this climb.

Along with the NMA permit, Climbers also need to obtain other permits depending on the route they take. Let’s dive into details about the other permit and its cost.

a) Local Area Permit

A local area permit is required to enter the area for your climb. You can get this permit when you arrive in Lukla. Usually, the trekking company you’re with will already have the permit ready for your ascent.

  • The Local Area Permit is about NPR 2000, which is around USD 20.

b) Makalu Barun National Park Entry Permit

Another important permit you’ll need for Mera Peak climbing is the Makalu Barun National Park Entry Permit. Once you reach the National Park, you’ll get to witness a variety of unique biodiversity. This permit is necessary as the area is part of the Makalu Barun National Park. The permit cost varies based on nationality, as follows:

Makalu Barun National Park Entry Permit Fees

  • Locals – Free
  • SAARC Nationals – NPR 1500 (plus13% VAT charge)
  • Foreign Nationals – NPR 3000 (plus13% VAT charge)

c) Sagarmatha National Park Entry permit

Similar to the Everest Base Camp route, you must enter Sagarmatha National Park for Mera Peak climbing. Consequently, you’ll need the Sagarmatha National Park Permit for your ascent. This permit is free for locals, but foreigners are required to pay a fee.

  • Locals – Free
  • SAARC Nationals – NPR 1500 (plus13% VAT charge)
  • Foreign Nationals – NPR 3000 (plus13% VAT charge)

Final Say

Mera Peak is considered one of the easiest peak climbs in Nepal, making it suitable for beginners and those who want to warm up before attempting more prominent summits like an Everest expedition.

If you’re thinking about climbing Mera Peak and need the permits mentioned earlier, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Getting permits on your own can be tricky, so leave it to us. We’ve got everything you need, from permits to a professional team and a well-planned itinerary. Don’t wait; contact us or message to know more.

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