Manaslu Conservation Area Project (MCAP)

Manaslu Conservation Area Project

Manaslu Conservation Area Project is established in 1998 and is one of the protected areas in Nepal. The conservation area is spread to the area of 166m sq. km and ranges in altitude between 1400 m to 8156m. This conservation area lies in the Mansiri Himal range of the Himalayas in Nepal in the Gorkha District. Manaslu peak and other several mountain peaks, glaciers fall under the Manaslu Conservation Area.

Manaslu conservation area project is popular for trekking zone. The trek in this area starts from the Gorkha – home of legendry Gurkhas warriors. The trail is marched from Budhi Gandaki River and Larke la pass along with crossing the Manang district in the Annapurna Conservation Area.


World 8th highest mountain– Mount Manaslu (8163m) falls in the Manaslu conservation area. Basically, MCAP ranges from the elevation of 600 m to 8163m. Due to the high elevation, the climatic zone here ranges from subtropical to temperate. The protected areas are consisting of glaciers, mountains, and several watercourses due to which there occurs changes in the temperature. The temperature remains up to 34 degrees Celsius in the summer season at the subtropical zone. However, the temperature can fall up to -6 degrees Celsius during the month of the winter season.

Wildlife and Vegetation

Manaslu Conservation Area is been home to 33 mammals, 11 types of beautiful butterflies, over 110 species of birds, and 3 varieties of reptiles. Snow leopard, red panda, musk deer, 110 species of birds, and 3 species of snakes are found in this area. The protected area is covered by more than 200 species of flora and fauna. Besides this, this conservation area preserves the Impeyan Pheasant and Crimson horned species of birds.

The Local Population at the Buffer Zone

About 7000 people of various cultural backgrounds reside in this area. People of this region have the lifestyle of Tibetan culture as they shared the international border with Tibet. People do farm and engaged in agricultural occupations to suffice their living. However, during the winter season, people move to the lower areas to make their livelihood.  

The Famous Place to Visit

  • Tsum valley – hidden valley
  • Birendra lake
  • Samagaun- old Tibetan village which have numbers of chortens and monasteries
  • Pungen Monastery
  • Larkya la pass- the highest point of Manaslu circuit trek 
Larke Pass in Manaslu Trek

Things to Do

  • Trekking
  • Mountaineering
  • Bird watching
  • Snow leopard tracking
  • Himalayan thar
  • Red panda tracking

List of Best Trekking in Manaslu Conservation Area

Entrance Fees

NepaliNPR 100 per person
SAARC nationalsNPR 1000 Per Person
ForeignersNPR 3000 Per Person
Child DiscountBelow 10 years free
Entrance fees of Manaslu Conservation Area

Manaslu Restricted Permit

Manaslu trek permit costs USD 70.00 for the first seven days and USD 10.00 each additional day from September to November

Manaslu trek permit costs USD 50.00 for the first 7 days and USD 7.00 each extra day from December to August.

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