Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost

Manaslu Circuit trek Cost

Manaslu Circuit Trek is one of the most beautiful places to trek. This trek route passes through dense hills, steep gorges, and glacial valleys. You can step on the foot of one of the World’s 10th-highest peaks, Mount Manaslu. One thing that makes you concerned before the trek is its budget.

This trek takes you to an altitude of 5106 m. You can experience the natural beauty of forests, rivers, flora, and abundant wildlife. You can witness the panoramic views of Mt. Manaslu, Himlung, and Annapurna II.

This trek starts from Arughat Bazar, ends in Besisahar, and takes you through the Budi Gandaki and Nubri valleys.

Amidst the beauty lies a crucial consideration for trekkers the budget. The Manaslu Circuit Trek is notably pricier than some other treks, primarily due to its designation as a Restricted Area.

In this blog, we have discussed the total budget required. You also can get an idea about how the budget is divided into many expense factors.

The total cost required for the Manaslu Circuit Trek is around $1000 to $1500. This budget includes accommodation, transportation, food, drinks, permit, travel insurance, trekking equipment, guide and porter.

Accommodation Cost 

When planning accommodation costs for the Manaslu Circuit Trek, you need to budget for lodging in Kathmandu before and after the trek and teahouses (simple lodges run by local families) while on the actual circuit.

In Kathmandu, accommodation ranges wildly from budget backpacker dorms starting around $10 per night to upscale hotels costing over $500 per night. For a moderate and comfortable mid-range hotel in the popular Thamel area, expect to spend $30-$60 per night.

Once you begin the trek, you’ll be staying in basic teahouses each night, typically with two single beds and common bathroom facilities. These teahouses provide accommodations well suited to exhausted trekkers, and rates run from around USD 5 for a simple room up to USD 15 for a room with an attached bath. The amenities are sparse, but the views of Manaslu can’t be beat!

Most trekkers spend an average of $15-$25 per day on lodging while doing the Manaslu Circuit. Keep in mind that as the trek gains elevation, prices may increase slightly for the teahouses at higher altitudes.

Transportation Cost

Manaslu Circuit trek starts from Soti Khola or Machha Khola. You can either choose a bus or jeep to reach there from Kathmandu. The price of bus travel is $15. Jeeps are expensive and cost $175 to $200 per person.

In return, you can take a jeep from Dharapani to Kathmandu. It takes $25 per person. You can choose any travel mode according to your preference.

Food Cost

The cost of food is quite expensive in trials. You can get breakfast for around $8 to $12 per meal. You need to spend around $10 to $15 for dinner and lunch. The price gets expensive as you climb to higher altitudes. Also, the food choice decreases.

Permit Cost

Three permits are mandatory to complete this trek. It is a restricted area, so a Special Restricted Area Permit for Manaslu is needed. It covers the area of two conservation regions, so the Manaslu Conservation Area Permit and Annapurna Conservation Area Permit are also mandatory.

Restricted area permits can be obtained only through the government-registered trekking agency of Nepal. The agency will apply the online form for the restricted area permit with the provided documents and receive it from the Trekking Department of Nepal Immigration Office.

The cost of this permit varies from season to season.

  • During Autumn, the peak season, it costs 100 USD for the first week. 10 USD for each additional day in the restricted area will be required.
  • During other seasons, like winter, summer, and spring, it costs 75 USD for the first week and 10 USD for each additional day.

You can apply for a Manaslu Conservation Area permit and an Annapurna Conservation Area Permit in Kathmandu’s National Tourism Board office. You must complete a form with your details and attach the required documents for these permits.

You will need a printed photograph to apply for these permits. The cost of permits is 30 USD per person.

Travel Insurance Cost

Travel Insurance is mandatory for trekking in Nepal. Trekking in this region is quite risky due to remoteness. That’s why you need insurance that covers all your costs during any emergency in the journey. 

It is best to get from your country before your Nepal flight. While booking a package, you need to provide your insurance details to the travel agencies in Nepal so that they can get you permits. Insurance generally costs $150 for 30 days.

Equipment Cost

Trekking gear is mandatory for any trekking. You can either buy it or rent it to save your money. If you want to buy your trekking gear, it costs around $500 to $1000. Buying all the equipment for just one trek is not budget-friendly. So, it is best to rent it.

You can rent high-quality trekking gear from a reputable rental shop in Kathmandu. Equipment such as poles, crampons, weatherproof coats, tents, backpacks, and sleeping bags are available in rental shops. Renting these trekking gear costs USD 1 to USD 10 per day.

You better check the quality and condition of all those gears before renting. Renting can save your budget in high dimensions. So, you can save money by making wise decisions for your trek.

Guide and Porter Cost

A professional guide is mandatory for trekking in this restricted area. You can hire them from Travel agencies while booking a package and hiring a professional licensed guide costs around $25 to $35 daily.

A guide helps you to navigate the routes and socialize with local people. They also help you to pre-book your homestays. Your journey will be very merrier if you take a guide with you.

Hiring a porter also costs $20 to $30 per day. This cost includes insurance, accommodation, and luggage. They help you carry your heavy backpacks throughout the journey.

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After going through the main expenses you can expect on the Manaslu Circuit Trek, it’s clear that undertaking this remote Himalayan adventure involves some definite costs.

However, for experienced trekkers seeking a challenging adventure, the Manaslu Circuit offers immense rewards. This high-altitude, long-distance Nepali teahouse trek goes more off-the-beaten-path than popular routes like the Everest Base Camp trek. Completing the Manaslu Circuit is a chance to take on rugged and remote Himalayan terrain.

With careful budgeting for permits, gear, transportation, food, accommodations, and more, completing this “finest walk in the world” is an achievable bucket list dream for adventure seekers worldwide.

While it’s possible to do the Manaslu Circuit Trek independently, at High Route Adventure, we highly recommend enlisting the help of our full-service Nepali trekking company. We will secure all permits, provide our most experienced guides, and handle logistics like transportation and porters.

Our exceptional customer service, responsibility, and communication have made us the top-recommended agency for the Manaslu Circuit.

If you have any other questions about the costs involved in taking on the Manaslu Circuit Trek or want additional local trekking company recommendations from High Route Adventure, feel free to reach out! Thanks for reading, and happy trekking from our team!

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