A Complete Guide to Trek Manaslu Circuit

Manaslu trek

Manaslu Trek Highlights

  • Explore historical and UNESCO world heritage sites in Kathmandu
  • Trek with an overflowing picturesque scenery
  • Experience various seasonal and cultural diversities
  • Onerous climbing of a high mountain pass – Larkya La (5160m)
  • Trek in a lap of Mount Manaslu (8,163 m), the eighth highest peak in the world.
  • Peaceful and secluded trail than Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Circuit as there are unfrequented travelers
  • Streaming through several villages, settlements, landscapes, historic region (the erstwhile kingdoms of Gorkha and Ghale Ghau by following the ancient trade route along with the Budi Gandaki River
  • Visit through the 2015 earthquake-affected area

Fact About Manaslu Trek

  • Mount Manaslu – the eighth highest mountain in the world lies in the Manaslu region at an elevation of 8,165 meters.
  • Known as Killer mountain
  • You can see several peaks like Ngadi Chuli, Himalchuli, and Baudha and is forty miles away from the east of the Annapurna region.
  • Manaslu trek offers you a trek in the shadow of mountains and provides you a spectacular view and it covers cultural and biological diversities.
  • You will be able to experience different climatic seasons.
  • You will be able to visit most restricted areas which fall in the Manaslu region.
  • You can join to Annapurna Circuit trail as you come to the end of the Manaslu circuit trek.
  • Less crowdy trail as it isn’t visited by trekkers frequently
  • Landscapes and vegetation diversities are frequently found in comparison with another trek.
  • Manaslu trek consists of different trek trails through various Gompas and mani wall on the way
  • Manaslu trek takes you to the highest elevation of 5165 meters at Larkya la – mountain pass.
  • You will able to see different species of flora and fauna at the Manaslu circuit in comparison to other trekking circuits.

Is This Trip Suitable For You?

  1. Manaslu trek is warm-up trekking if you want to summit the peak of Mount Everest.
  2. This circuit trek revolves around 18 days, consisting of a trail day, acclimatizing days (note: you will spend a maximum of 8 to 9 hours on the trail and a minimum of 3 hours in a day)
  3. You will be walking in a route having an elevation of 300 to 500 meters in a peaceful and mesmerizing view of mountain ranges.
  4. The destination of your trek is Larkya La at 5,160 m which connects Budi Gandaki Valley with Marshyangdi Valley.
  5. Manaslu trek is for one who can overcome challenges on their way and walk along a cliffside gravel path and in-between stone staircase and ridges.  Strictly prohibited for a newbie.
  6. Local tea houses, tent houses, and mountain lodges are available for food and accommodation, serves nutritious meals, and a proper lodging facility.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Itinerary

01Arrival in Kathmandu1350mBreakfastHotel
02Trek Preparation/ Explore Kathmandu1350mBreakfastHotel
03Drive to Sotikhola from Kathmandu700mBreakfast/Lunch/DinnerTeahouse
04Trek to Machhakhola869mBreakfast/Lunch/DinnerTeahouse
05Trek to Jagat1340mBreakfast/Lunch/DinnerTeahouse
06Trek to Deng1860mBreakfast/Lunch/DinnerTeahouse
07Trek to Ghap2100mBreakfast/Lunch/DinnerTeahouse
08Trek to Lho3180mBreakfast/Lunch/DinnerTeahouse
09Trek to Samagaun3520mBreakfast/Lunch/DinnerTeahouse
10Rest Day3520mBreakfast/Lunch/DinnerTeahouse
11Trek to Samdo3875mBreakfast/Lunch/DinnerTeahouse
12Trek to Dharmasala4460mBreakfast/Lunch/DinnerTeahouse
13Trek to Bhimthang3590mBreakfast/Lunch/DinnerTeahouse
14Trek to Tilije2300mBreakfast/Lunch/DinnerTeahouse
15Trek to Chyamje1430mBreakfast/Lunch/DinnerTeahouse
16Drive to Kathmandu1350mBreakfast/Lunch/DinnerHotel
17Departure from KathmanduBreakfast
Brief Itinerary For Manaslu Trek

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What’s Included

  • Airport receive and drop off service along with the representative
  • Accommodation facility is arranged in star hotel of Kathmandu with breakfast
  • Food and accommodation facilities are provided as per the itinerary
  • Comfortable private vehicles are available from Kathmandu to Sotikola and Dharapani to Kathmandu
  • Properly accommodated teahouses are available during the trek
  • Welcome and Farewell program
  • Three times meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) including tea and coffee during the trail
  • Experienced guider/ trek leader having government licensed, professional English speaker are available as tour/trek guide
  • Trained medical personnel as tour guide having high experience in trek fields.
  • Potter service to carry bags and luggage during the trek
  •  staff cost including food, accommodation, insurance, salary, flight, etc
  • Manaslu Conservation Area Project (MCAP) and Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) entry fee and trekking permit
  • Several entries and permits fees
  • Pulse Oximeter, basic medicines, first aid kit carried by the trek leader.
  • Souvenirs by High Route Adventure
  • Every kind of tax and administrative charges

What’s not Included

  • Nepal visa fee and international flight fee
  • Trekking gear and equipment
  • Personal expenses such as extra porter charge, pub and bar bills, laundry charges, internet service fees, phone call charges
  • Tips for a tour guide, porter, waiter, and driver
  • Other expenses beyond the control

Accommodation on Manaslu Circuit Trek

Accommodation on Manaslu circuit trek
Accommodation on Manaslu circuit trek

High route trek, provides you the best accommodation facility during your Manaslu Trek, you will spend the first 2 days in a star hotel of Kathmandu basically at the Thamel area (famous tourist hub). Comfortable beds with attached bathrooms and air cons is available in a hotel room where you will be staying at.  For your entertainment, other extra amenities such as free Wi-Fi, breakfast, lunch, dinner, café, pub, bar are provided. Moreover, you have to pay extra charges for expenditures incurred for your personal entertainment.

During your trekking trail route, you will be staying at the best available mountain teahouse and lodges. Manaslu region is least developed as we compared it with Everest and Annapurna regions. Therefore, you will find the basic service offer by teahouses and lodges on your stay. Such tea houses give the facilities of bed, western-style toilet (common washroom), sitting and dining area. The extra charge is levy if you use internet services or any electronic gadgets. You have to carry toilet paper rolls with you as most of the lodges and tea houses don’t have them in their washroom.

You will be staying a shared room (between two people), with thin wall plaster. The tea house bed comes with a quilt, pillows, blankets, and thick mattresses. Besides this, you can use your own sleeping bag and pillow for your comfort.

For your company during solo travel, you will be accompanied by a fellow traveler of the same gender. A single room is also available but you need to pay the added cost as it is beyond our facilities.

Note: you won’t be able to find the best-accommodated room as you hike on high elevations. The number of tea houses and lodges will be less in high altitude.

Meals on Manaslu Circuit Trek

We provide you breakfast as complimentary from our side. Nepal is famous for its multi-cuisine, so you can check into various restaurants, eateries around the place you will be staying at or around Thamel, for quality food services. High route adventure invites you for complimentary lunch and dinner at an authentic Nepali Restaurant during your welcome and farewell respectively.

During your off-beaten trekking trail, three times meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) are provided and accommodation costs are already included in the trek package. You will have your breakfast and dinner at a place where you will be staying, while lunch will be served at a tea house in your route

We advise you to bring your own gluten-free snacks and other extra foods if you are a gluten intolerant person as there will be limited food options at the teahouse. Moreover, you can expect varieties of food lists on the menu if your trail lies close to Kathmandu. Tea houses and lodges during your trial serve you freshly prepared meals. Such tea houses include various cuisine like rice, lentils, curry, bread momos Nepalese cultural dishes. Additionally, they provide Indian and continental dishes like chapattis, apple pie, dosa, pancake, chicken tikka, pizza, steak, chowmein, cheese, noodles, Burger, etc.

Best Time to Travel

Larke- La Pass
Larke- La Pass

High route adventure, offers you the two best seasons for Manaslu Circuit Trek, likely to be Spring (March to May) and autumn (mid -September to November). On these two seasons, you will be trek easily as this season gives you clear and dry surroundings. Mesmerizing views of mountain ranges give you inner peace. During this season, the weather gets warmer during day time and chilly at night. However, because of this reason, frequented travelers are seen in a trail so trails get a little bit crowdy and busy.

You will find orchids and various wildflowers blooming in a forest while you across from there. Heavenly vibes and fresh air in a mountain region give you unforgettable memories.

The Autumn season is regarded as the best and most popular season to trek in the Manaslu region. Autumn season falls on the bucket list of every traveler as the skies became clear and one can enjoy the crystal-clear view during trekking trail.

Additionally, you will get a chance to experience and celebrate the most important festivals (Dashain and Tihar) of Nepalese if you adjust your trekking schedule around late September or October. If you can crack your trek during the month of the winter season – January to February, you will be able to see how the Buddhist communities celebrate Losar or Tibetan New year in the high mountains.

Moreover, trekking during the month of December or January, you will be able to enjoy watching horse races and other competitions help in a Nurbi valley. Also, Dhachyang (Horse festival) an important festival celebrated by Nurbi valley people falls this month.

Note: Larkya la – a high mountain pass (5,165 m) lies in the Manaslu region, so it is very challenging and can be very difficult to pass through this during the season of Monsson and winter. The route may become slippery and can be quite risky to trek due to bad weather. So, it is strongly not recommended during those times.

Entry permits and requirement Trek To Manaslu Circuit

Each and every entry and permit are arranged by the agency with whom you book your trek. Your group should be consisting of two or more people to obtain a permit in a Manaslu Restricted Area. Several permits are needed for the Manaslu trek which are:

  • Manaslu Conservation Area Project Entry Permit,
  • Annapurna Conservation Area Project Entry Permit,
  • Manaslu Restricted Area Permit, and
  • TIMS (Tourist Information Management System) card.

Nepal Tourism Board office in Kathmandu and Pokhara have authority to access those areas to provide entries card and permission. However, you need to obtain a permit from the Department of Immigration, especially for Manaslu Restricted Area.

To get all those permits, you need to submit the following documents on concerned department:

  • Original and copies of your passport
  • Passport-sized photos
  • Dates when your trek starts and ends
  • Itinerary/route
  • Entry and exit points
  • Emergency Contact Information (local and home country’s)
  • Travel Insurance Details
  • Other necessary documents as required.

Nepal government has provided the discount facility on entry and permission fees for the visitors from SAARC countries. Entry and permit fees are:

For Manaslu Conservation Area Project (MCAP)

For Annapurna conservation Area Project (ACAP)

  • NRS 3000 per person for foreigners
  • NRS 1000 for citizen of SAARC countries
  • NRS 100 for Nepalese citizen

For Manaslu Restricted Area Permit

From September to November = USD 100 per person for 1 week and USD 15 per person after seventh day

From December to August = USD 75 per person for 1 week and USD 10 per person after seventh day

TIMS Card: NRS 1000 for foreigners and NRS 300 for SAARC countries citizen

Altitude Sickness – How to Avoid it?

Manaslu trek is done at the base of the 8th highest mountain in the world having an altitude of (8156m). You will reach one of the highest mountain passes- Larkya la (5165 m), in this level, there will be shortness of oxygen level which will lead to breathing difficulty.

During your trial on such altitude, you may often have Acute Mountain Sickness which have symptoms like dizziness, headache, nausea, fatigue, low blood pressure, fatigue, shortness of breathing, etc. to be a fit and get used to in such an environment you need to walk slowly and steadily. Moreover, you have to keep your body hydrated from time to time. If you force yourself to walk fast to reach your destination then it is obvious that you may suffer from altitude sickness.

Basically, altitude sickness is started to see if you are in an elevation above 2000 meters. A good sound sleep is needed for mild cases. You have to nourish yourself and drink a sufficient amount of warm water, soup, tea, etc. to keep your sickness aside and continuing your journey.

Prevention is better than cure, so you should be health conscious keeping in mind that your health is more important while doing trekking in a mountain region. If the situation of AMS arises then one may have to return down to a lower elevation and get medical help as soon as possible.  Air evacuation will be arranged and such patients will be flown to Kathmandu directly for medical treatment in a worst-case scenario. Carelessness may take one’s life.

The acclimatizing day is kept for taking rest as you will be walking in a mountain region and high elevations. Moreover, a rest day will help you to allow your body to adjust to the thin environment of the Manaslu region. The more you walk at a higher altitude the more oxygen level will gradually decrease which is the reason you have to health-conscious.

Internet Connectivity and Services

As your trek prevail is a mountain region- Manaslu, the internet connection is available in a specific place such as tea houses, lodges. However, you can use mobile data to get connected with your loved ones while trekking and show them how mesmerizing Nepal is in real.

You can use the internet by paying a certain amount for user id and password for internet connectivity in a tea house and get access over Wi-Fi. You can use this paid internet throughout your trial in a Manaslu region.

Note: you have to get a mobile sim card (NTC / Ncell) in Kathmandu and should use it to get access of mobile data and being in touch with family, friends and agency. 

Travel Insurance For The Trek to Manaslu

While trekking in the Manaslu region you need to get a good travel insurance policy that covers all activities and elevations mentioned in your itinerary. Since you reach the altitude of 5165 meters high in this trail, your insurance policy must cover all the travel activities up to this point.

High route adventure’s main priority is to give the best memories and travelers safety. However, no one can give a guarantee about someone’s health.  As the trail ascends up to high altitude, a problem like shortness of oxygen level may occur due to which trekkers usually may suffer from various altitude sicknesses. Some sicknesses may lead to fatal and can take a life as well. So, travel insurance is a must before starting a trekking journey in a mountainous region.

You have to read all the terms and conditions of insurance companies before doing the travel insurance. It is better to choose the insurance company which offers you to cover all the travel activities, flight cancellations, lost or stolen baggage and many more.  You have to make sure that your policy covers all the costs including accidents, hospitalization, and helicopter evacuation.

What to Pack For Manaslu Trek?

There is some essentials equipment you shouldn’t leave behind as you are trekking towards off beaten trail – the Manaslu circuit. Therefore, we have mentioned some basic and most essential items you have to take while walking to the Manaslu region.

  • A pair of trekking boots with good gears and ankle support
  • down mountain jacket
  • windcheater/light jacket
  • sweatpants and t-shirt
  • A waterproof rucksack
  • Trekking suits
  • Pair of inner thermal
  • Socks and undies
  • Pair of gloves (inner and outer)
  • Towel, moisturizer, sun screen cream, hand sanitizer, oil, comb, tissues
  • Sunglasses, sun hat, woolen caps, towel
  • Glucose and other energy boosts up the tablet
  • Toilet roll, safety, slippers, towel
  • Water bottle and water purifying tablet or water Piyush
  • Sleeping bag and sleeping liners
  • Extra batteries, power bank, small torch
  • Fleece jacket and pants
  • Money pouch

These are the basic items you must carry with you. additionally, if you have more things needed to pack you kindly ask to your tour guide about such items. All kinds of trekking equipment and gear are easily available on Thamel- tourist hub. You can have many choices of gears and shop once you make a visit to Thamel.
note: you can leave behind your spare luggage and bags at the hotel where you stayed on the very first day. The hotel provides high security to your belongings.

Manaslu trek difficulty and preparation

Manaslu trek is considered to be a challenging trek as it consists of Off beaten trail throughout the trekking journey. Being the 8th highest mountain in the world, it offers exotic and amazing views to a trekker.

This trek is for the one who wants to summit peacefully in a less crowded area with a mesmerizing view. On the way, difficulties such as slippery roads, narrow and stony paths may face by trekkers. Some trekkers may find it a very difficult and strenuous trek.

Manaslu region is itself an isolated region, therefore trekkers who want to explore numerous beauties, cultural diversities, true beauty, and remote areas can make Manaslu as ultimate trek destination.

Difficulties may arise because you have to pass through several kinds of bridges over the Budi Gandaki River. Breezy and slippery trails on your way may bring many hurdles to you. All you need is patience and should be aware while crossing the alpine pass, landscapes, and ridges.

However, trekkers must be prepared before climbing onto this region. You must have good physical health and must be of sound mind. You should be ready to face the barriers and difficulties on your way also you must have high patience level. Additionally, you have to follow all the trek guidelines and policies. Regular exercise is a must. A person having a will and strong determination can excel in the Manaslu circuit trek easily and it is worthy to add to your travel diaries.

Comparison of Manaslu Trek With Another Trek

Manaslu trek is an off-beaten trail that lies between the Annapurna Region and Langtang region of the Central Himalayas. The mesmerizing view of several Himalayan ranges, landscapes, and locals’ friendly gives you the time to recollect an amazing memory. Besides this, Manaslu takes you towards the majestic view of Mount Manaslu.

 Unlike another trekking trail, the Manaslu trek leads you towards the raw side of mountains and closer to the Tibetan Border and cultural diversity that is beyond your expectation. You will find a peaceful route and

Manaslu trek is demanding but in spite of it, is rewarding. This trek revives you internally and creates a desire to visit once again.  As it offers a fantastic trail that passes from the several green landscapes, a forest filled with flora and fauna, and snow-covered ranges.

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