Lobuche Peak Climbing Cost

Lobuche Peak Climbing Cost

Lobuche, a climbing area in the Khumbu region of Nepal, is one of the most attractive climbing destinations in the country. It is located at an altitude of 6,119 meters and is considered one of the toughest climbs, which needs a high level of fitness, rock climbing, and mountaineering skills.

In addition, you need to know that Lobuche Peak can be climbed from the East or the West. Both routes expose the participants to magnificent vistas of the Himalayan mountain range that will leave you gasping with astonishment.

Lobuche East is a favorite because of the exceptional panorama seen from the summit: Lhotse, Nuptse, and Ama Dablam, the famous Lobuche peak, and lastly, a fantastic view of Mt. Everest, which is not seen from this peak.

Besides being among the most breathtaking places in the world atop the mountain, this peak climbing is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for you to learn and assimilate into a tapestry of biog culture traditions. Accompanied by a cozy welcome and a sense of friendliness, you will get engaged in an experience that will stick to your memories as you come back again and again.

In order to avoid any failures during the Lobuche Peak climb, strategic planning and an exhaustive approach are required. The organic process starts by amassing the profound insights needed to run your financial matters smoothly. The price for the mountain tour of Lobuche Peak changes accordingly with several important parameters. This is where we explain several factors that you will need to consider that will help you know the total sum you will be spending in this engaging venture.

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Travel Visa Cost

For most tourists, obtaining an on-arrival visa at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) in Nepal is a straightforward process. The duration of your intended stay in the country determines the visa cost. Below are the applicable fees for the on-arrival visa:

  • For a 15-day arrival visa, it will cost $30.
  • For a 30-day entry visa, it will cost $50.
  • For a 90-day entry visa, it will cost $125.

The High Route Adventure takes 19 days to complete the Lobuche Peak Climbing. To make sure travelers have enough time. Therefore, it is best to grant a 30-day visa, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the trip without feeling rushed.

Permit Cost

It’s mandatory to have a special climbing permit issued by the Nepal Mountaineering Association(NMA) before embarking on the Lobuche Peak expedition. The price of the climbing permit varies depending on the season you choose to travel. Below is the cost you must pay to obtain the climbing permit from NMA.

  • Cost of climbing permit in spring – 250$
  • Cost of climbing permit in fall – 125$
  • Cost of climbing permit in summer – 70$
  • Cost of climbing permit in winter – 70$

Trekkers’ Information Management System (TIMS Card)

A TIMS Card is necessary while you head for the Lobuche Peak Climbing. This card will help you track your location in case of an emergency. The cost of the TIMS Card depends upon the types which are listed below.

  • For Foreigner Group trekkers need to pay Blue Tims Card- RS 1000 per person
  • For Free Individual Trekkers (FITs) need to pay Green Tims Card- RS 2000 per person
  • For SAARC countries Group trekkers- RS 300 per person
  • For SAARC countries individuals- RS 600 per person

Sagarmatha National Park Entry Permit

While heading for the Lobuche Peak Climbing, you will pass through the Sagarmatha National Park; therefore, getting this permit is necessary. This permit can be acquired conveniently in Kathmandu from the Nepal Tourism Board office or, alternatively, in Monjo village. Both locations offer accessible avenues for obtaining the necessary permits for your trekking adventure.

  • For foreigners: NRs: 3,390 per person 
  • For SAARC nationalities: NRs: 1,695 per person

Local Area Permit

Upon arrival in Lukla, climbers are required to secure a local area permit. This essential permit grants access to various municipalities, including the Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality, home to the iconic Lobuche East Peak.

  • The Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality’s Local Area Permit costs NRs—2000, which is approximately $20.

Food and Accommodation Cost

After you land in the beautiful city of Nepal, you will stay in a 4-star hotel. The hotel cost will be included in the package while staying in the hotel. The hotel will provide a complimentary breakfast for you. Meanwhile, for the meal, you need to pay on your own, which will not be included in the package. The meal will cost you from 700 RS to 2000 RS, depending on the restaurant you choose. Also, for the hotels, it will cost you 1000 RS to above 15000 RS depending upon the facility and service you choose.

After you take the Lukla flight and begin the trek, you will stay in the teahouse. The hotels in the mountains are called tea houses. Inside the tea house, you will get basic lodging and food facilities. 

The dining facilities are open to all, providing a welcoming space for trekkers to gather and socialize with fellow adventurers along the journey. Also, the room will be on a shared basis, and the washroom needs to be shared. For the wifi and the hot shower, you need to pay the extra bucks, approximately 3-5$. Three meals are provided while staying in the tea house, which will be included in the package.

Also, during the Lobuche Peak Climbing, you will be staying in the tent for three days in our itinerary package. While staying in the tent, our professional cook will provide you with a delicious meal three times. All three meals will be included in the package.

Guides and Porter Cost

While beginning the journey for the Lobuche Peak climbing, hiring Guides and a porter is necessary. Guides and the Porter will help to make your journey easier, more comfortable, and more adventurous. While hiring the Guide and the porter, the cost will depend upon their experience level. That means the more experienced they are, the higher the fee they will charge.

  • Cost of trekking Guide: US$ 30- 40 per day
  • Cost of porter: US$ 25- 30 per day
  • Cost of mountaineering/expedition Guide: 1000$ or even higher.

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Transportation Cost

To reach the Everest Region, you can either choose the Kathmandu to Lukla flight or drive through BP highway to Salleri. The fastest and easiest way to reach the Everest region is through flight. The approximate cost for the two-way Lukla fight is 400$. 

The cost of the flight varies depending upon the seasons you choose and its availability. If you want to save the budget, you can also hire a private vehicle, which will cost you around 50-70$ per person. The cost of the Lukla flight and the transportation cost will not be included in the package; therefore, you need to manage the cost by yourself.

Equipment and Gear Cost

Even though Lobuche Peak is non-technical climbing, you still need to have basic mountaineering skills. You should be able to use ice axes, crampons, fixing ropes, etc. This climbing equipment is necessary; therefore, it might add cost for the Lobuche Peak Climbing. 

Another important thing is clothing and gear stuff, such as trekking boots, sleeping bags, backpacks, toiletries, etc. You need to arrange all this equipment before you begin your journey. Additionally, if you climb in the winter or summer season, you might need to pack extra clothing and equipment to deal season-wise.

In general, the equipment and the gear will increase your expenses for the Lobuche Peak Climbing. To minimize the cost, you can also rent climbing equipment inside the city.

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Insurance Cost

To get the permit from the NMA, it is necessary to have travel insurance. In this beautiful climbing journey, you will be walking above the altitude of 6000 m. While walking at such a height, there are various risk factors like altitude sickness, avalanches, muscle soreness, cramps, fatigue, etc. So, to deal with such a situation and to be safe, having travel insurance is necessary.

Before traveling to Nepal, you need to keep in mind that doing travel insurance is not possible for foreigners here. You need to get your insurance in your own home country. Also, while doing the insurance, it should cover things like:

  • Accidents
  • Emergency evacuation
  • Flight Cancellation
  • Medical coverage
  • Medical expenses
  • Baggage loss or theft

Overall, the cost of the insurance depends upon the number of days, age, pre-existing health conditions, package it covers, etc. Before getting the insurance, it is important to choose the best insurance company.

International Airfare Cost

The cost of the international flight depends upon the seasons you are traveling and the distance from your country to Nepal. You need to manage the budget for the international flight as this will not be included in the trekking/climbing package while you book.

Additional Cost 

While joining the Lobuche Peak Climbing, climbers should also manage additional expenses like tips, souvenirs, entry fees for heritage sites, beverages, etc. All these expenses depend entirely upon your decision.

Overall Cost

Lastly, considering all the factors, the approximate cost for the Lobuche peak will be around 2000$- 3000$. This overall cost totally depends upon the package you choose, itinerary days, transportation you choose, seasons you will travel, and so on. So before you book, you need to consult with the trekking agencies. They will help you to manage the trip according to your budget by customizing your itinerary.

Final Say

Lobuche Peak climbing is one of the best peaks for summits in the Everest region. During the summit of this peak, you can enjoy the incredible view of the highest mountains like Mt. Everest, Mt. Nuptse, Mt. Lhotse, and Mt. Cho Oyu. Beyond the stunning views, climbers can enjoy the Sherpa people’s warm hospitality and immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Every step of the journey will give you a different taste of the experience. This peak is a must-visit destination whether you are a beginner or a mountain expert. The memory you will create here will last forever. So book now from our website or contact us if you want to join or know more about this beautiful Lobuche Peak Climbing.

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