Kathmandu to Ramechhap Transportation

Kathmandu to Ramechhap

Are you planning an exciting trek to the Everest region of Nepal? If so, the first stage of your journey is the Kathmandu to Ramechhap transportation. Ramechhap is a small town that serves as the gateway to the iconic Everest Base Camp trek.

In this blog post, we’ll cover all the different transportation options to travel from Nepal’s capital city Kathmandu to Ramechhap. From early morning shared jeeps to private cars and buses, we’ve got you covered with the pros and cons of each choice.

We’ll also share some insider tips on the best routes, what to expect along the way, and how to make your transit as smooth and comfortable as possible. 

Why Is It Necessary To Go To Ramechhap?

Flights to Lukla Airport are routed through Ramechhap/Manthali Airport rather than Kathmandu during the busiest trekking seasons, which run from mid-March to May and October to mid-November. This move assists in reducing traffic and controlling the large number of trekkers at the airport in Kathmandu during times of high demand.

Because of its closeness to the Everest region, Ramechhap Airport can offer more flexible and punctual early-morning departures to Lukla. This lowers the possibility of weather-related delays or cancellations. 

Furthermore, Ramechhap Airport’s smaller size and lower traffic can improve efficiency and reduce delays brought on by congestion at Kathmandu’s airport.

When trekking during high seasons, it is advised that travellers factor in an extra day or two to their itinerary to account for possible airline delays or cancellations.

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Kathmandu to Ramechhap Transportation Options

The drive from Kathmandu to Ramechhap takes you through B.P. Koirala Highway. The journey along the way exposes you to rural Nepal. From scenic views of hills, farms, and villages, to the Sunkoshi and Tamakoshi Rivers, the drive is quite an adventurous experience. 

There are various transportation options available from Kathmandu to Ramechhap. You can either travel on a private basis or a sharing basis. Detailed information on these transportation options is discussed below: 

Kathmandu to Ramechhap by Shared Bus/Jeep/Minivan (Early Morning)

Trekkers and adventure seekers wishing to do the famous Everest Base Camp trek will find that the shared early morning transportation from Kathmandu to Ramechhap is an affordable and practical choice. 

This service usually leaves at 2 AM from Kathmandu, so passengers can get to Ramechhap by 6:30 AM, in time to board the flight to Lukla, which is the entry point to the Everest region.

Although the early morning departure time may appear difficult, it is a calculated decision that saves trekkers time and prevents them from having to add an extra day to their itinerary. 

Trekkers can stretch their legs, eat a filling breakfast, and get ready for the thrilling flight to Lukla, where their Everest journey really begins, by arriving at Ramechhap early. 

Usually carrying between 14 and 20 people, the shared transportation service is offered in the shape of minivans, jeeps, or buses. Because of the cozy seating arrangements, the four to five-hour trip from Kathmandu to Ramechhap is not too bad. 

Even though the early departure hour can seem intimidating, it’s a little price to pay to have the chance to go on one of the most famous trekking adventures in the world. 

Note: Travellers can take a regular bus to Ramechhap during the day and board a flight to Lukla the next day. For this, an additional day must be planned in the itinerary.  

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Kathmandu to Ramechhap by Private Car/Jeep

While hiring a private vehicle is a more flexible and comfortable option, some trekkers may prefer the more popular and affordable early-morning shared transportation service from Kathmandu to Ramechhap. Although a little more costly, this alternative has a number of benefits that some tourists may find appealing.

Whether you have a later flight or would prefer to come to Ramechhap (or the nearby town of Mulkot) one day early, renting a private vehicle or jeep can be a practical option. 

A private vehicle enables visitors to depart Kathmandu at a time that best fits their schedules, guaranteeing a more leisurely trip than the shared transportation options, which depart in the early hours of the morning.

For people who value comfort, convenience, and flexibility, renting a private vehicle can be a good investment even though the cost may be higher than using shared transportation. 

It’s a more economical choice for those who value a stress-free trip to the beginning of their Everest experience because travellers can divide the expenses among their group.

Direct Flight to Lukla by Helicopter

Travellers on a flexible budget might opt for a direct helicopter charter to Lukla, which provides the highest level of comfort and convenience for their Everest Base Camp trek. 

Rather than taking a long road trip, these private five-seater helicopters offer a hassle-free and quick travel experience, arriving in Lukla in a matter of hours. Although it is more expensive, this premium option guarantees comfort, breathtaking aerial views, and a smooth, personalized start to the legendary Everest journey.

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Manthali Airport, Ramechhap

NameManthali Airport, Ramechhap Airport
LocationManthali, Ramechhap District, Bagmati Province, Nepal
Elevation1,640 ft (500 m)
RunwayOne concrete runway, 3,937 ft (1,200 m) long
ServesFlights to/from Lukla Airport for Everest Base Camp trekkers
OpenedOctober 1979 (initially grass/clay runway)
Runway Upgrade2015 (upgraded to concrete surface)
Peak Operations24 flights per day during peak trekking season
Operational StatusDesignated primary departure point for Lukla flights since 2022

Manthali Airport (IATA code: RHP), also called Ramechhap Airport, is a domestic airport serving the Bagmati Province of Nepal. This airport is very important because it is the main entry point for planes to the famous Lukla Airport, which is the beginning point for the famous Everest Base Camp trek. It is located in the Manthali municipality, which also happens to be the district headquarters of Ramechhap District.

Manthali Airport was founded in October 1979. Originally, it had a grass/clay runway surface, but in 2015, it got much-needed renovations and upgrades to a concrete surface. The enhancement in question has improved the airport’s capacity to manage the growing volume of aircraft and travelers destined for the Everest region.

Manthali Airport has been very helpful in recent years in terms of making it easier to go to Lukla Airport, particularly when Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu’s single runway was being maintained or renovated.

The nearest option to Kathmandu for these early morning flights—which must depart before the potentially dangerous winds build up in Lukla—is Ramechhap Airport. The airport was temporarily used as the base of operations for all flights to Lukla in 2019 when Kathmandu’s airport was closed for the night.

Manthali Airport is essential to guarantee an easy and effective beginning to the Everest Base Camp trekking adventure.

Manthali to and from Lukla

With frequent flights to and from Lukla, Manthali Airport, which is situated in Ramechhap District, acts as the entry point to the Everest region. The magnificent Himalayas, including Mount Everest, are breathtakingly visible throughout the exhilarating 15-25 minute flight from Manthali to Lukla. At 2,860 meters above sea level, Lukla serves as the starting point for most climbs to Everest Base Camp. 

The journey back to Manthali from Lukla is just as beautiful, offering an aerial perspective of the rugged landscape and quaint towns below. Trekkers keen to visit the Everest region will find these flights to be a convenient and time-saving choice. These flights operate every day, if the weather permits.

Ramechhap to Kathmandu

The journey from Ramechhap to Kathmandu, though the same distance, typically takes around 6 hours due to afternoon rush hour traffic near Kathmandu. Additionally, vehicles often wait to fill up before departing Ramechhap, so some waiting time is expected. 

Booking return transportation with airlines or tour companies can minimize hassles by aligning with your flight schedule and preferred departure time between 8 AM-12 PM.

Costs and Budgeting

OptionDurationDepartureCapacityCost (USD)
Shared Minivan4 hours2 am from ThamelPer seat$35
Private Car4 hoursFlexibleUp to 3 people$130
Private SUV4 hoursFlexibleUp to 7 people$170
Public Bus6 hours6 am onwards from Chabahil/Old Bus Park$15
Helicopter to Lukla45 minsFlexibleUp to 5 people$3,500 (per flight) or $600 (per person)

Final Say

Whether you take a private vehicle, public bus, or an early morning shared jeep, getting from Kathmandu to Ramechhap is just the beginning of an amazing journey across Nepal’s Himalayas.

A glimpse of the rural vistas and winding mountain roads ahead can be had from the picturesque drive alone. You can take a few moments to relax and have a filling meal. Then you can get ready for the next exciting leg, the exhilarating fly into Lukla, once you arrive at Ramechhap.

You can choose the Kathmandu to Ramechhap transit option that best suits your itinerary and way of travel with the help of our guide. 

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