Island Peak Climbing Cost

Island Peak Climbing Cost

Nepal is the favorite place for mountaineering for many people around the globe. Every year Nepal welcomes thousands of visitors either for adventurous activities, hiking, trekking, or mountain expeditions. This place is not just stunning with nature but also filled with rich culture and traditions. The welcoming nature of the Sherpa people and the friendly behavior of the locals make visitors want to come back again.

While visiting Nepal, Everest Region is the place you should not miss. From the tallest mountain in the world to other soaring mountains like Lhotse, Nuptse, and Makalu, Ama Dablam all lies in this region. Island Peak climbing also lies in the Everest Region where you can add the Everest Base Camp to make the journey more adventurous and wonderful.

This Island Peak Climbing is suitable for beginners, even if you are not a mountain expert. Before joining the Island peak climbing you should be physically fit because climbing above the 6000m is a challenging job. If you have already done high-altitude trekking and want to prepare yourself for a big summit then Island Peak Climbing will be the best option for you.

You should make the right preparations and manage the budget for this trek. Completing the Island Peak Climbing requires more than two weeks. If you don’t know how much Island Peak Climb Costs then don’t worry we are here to help you.

The Island Peak Climbing cost is influenced by various factors. Let’s take a closer look at the main things that make the cost go up.

Permit Cost

The first thing that comes is a permit which is one of the important things that you should get before you begin your journey. You need to get the climbing permit issued by the Nepal Mountaineering Association. The cost of this permit varies with the seasons, with USD 250 in Spring, USD 125 in Autumn, and USD 70 during off-seasons like monsoon and winter. Secure your permit at the Nepal Mountaineering Association’s Office in Thamel, Kathmandu.

Trekking agencies are your reliable partners in obtaining the necessary permits, ensuring a hassle-free journey. Let them guide you through the permit process for a better trekking experience.

Additionally, you’ll require a local permit, known as the Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Municipality Entrance Permit. This permit can only be obtained in Lukla, the starting point of the Khumbu region.

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Food and Accommodation Cost

Accommodation in Kathmandu can be found from the basic to the luxury ones. Similarly for lunch and dinner while staying in Kathmandu you must pay for your meal. Depending upon the place and the style you choose the cost varies. Since there are lots of options for food in the city you can taste the rich Newari Culture cuisine also.

After reaching the Lukla your journey of trekking for the Island Peak Climbing will start. While trekking you will stay in the tea house. As this is the popular route for Everest Base Camp Trek, Gokyo Valley Trek, Everest Three High Passes Trek, etc. teahouse in the lower portion has more facilities than the upper. The more you go higher the more basic food and room you will get. Similarly, the cost of the food and room might be a bit costly in the higher altitude.

Note: It’s a smart idea to carry enough cash in Nepali rupees before you head toward the Island Peak Climbing.

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Travel Insurance Cost

Travel Insurance is not only required for your safety but also it is required to get the permits. You must have done the travel Insurance while you apply for the permit. It’s better to get travel insurance in your home country. Also remember that covers important factors such as emergency helicopter evacuation, medical expenses, etc. The cost of the travel insurance varies depending upon the package you choose and it will cost you around 3-10% of the total cost of the trip.

International Airfare

To go to TIA airport and return to your home country, you have to cover the expenses yourself. The cost of the international flight might vary depending upon the seasons and the place you live.

Nepal Entry Visa Fee

For most countries, they can proceed with the arrival visa in Nepal. If you want to know more you can consult with the trekking agencies regarding the arrival visa. The cost of the visa depends upon the number of days that you will spend in Nepal. For 15 days it will cost you 30$, for 30 days it will cost you 50$, and so on.

Gear and Equipment Cost

Climbing the Island Peak with the Gear and Equipment is unimaginable. You need the gear and equipment to protect you while spending your time in the Himalayas. For the Island Peak Climbing trip, you will need to take care of everything from your personal clothing stuff to trekking poles, crampons, and ice axes. This means you have to handle all these things, and it will cost you extra. Also if you want to save a little bucks you can get some trekking equipment on rent also.

Island Peak Climbing Guide and Porter Cost

Guides and porters are an undivided part of Island Peak Climbing. You cannot climb solo as per the Government of Nepal so it’s compulsory to hire the Climbing Guide. Make sure to hire a certified and experienced guide for your safety during Island Peak Climbing. Having a reliable guide is important to ensure a secure and enjoyable climb.

Also, porters are also an integral part of this climbing. Carrying your heavy backpack of 25 kg and walking in the high altitude area is some serious work. There are many advantages of hiring a Guide and porter like safety, navigation, local Knowledge, emergency assistance, logistic support, etc.

  • The cost of a Guide will cost you from $25-35. Some professional guides might even charge you up to 50$ per day.
  • The cost of the porter will cost you from 20-30$ per day. 

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Basic Mountaineering Training Expenses

Even though climbing Island Peak is not super technical, it is important to know some basic mountaineering skills. If you are already an experienced climber, you might have these skills. But if you are new to climbing, you will need some training. This training happens in Nepal, and the cost depends on the training institute you choose.

Transportation Cost

The first mission of this Island peak climbing is to reach Lukla from where your journey of climbing starts. You can reach Lukla either by flight or via road. The average round trip for the Lukla flight is $300-400. 

To reach Lukla you can use a regular bus/ private jeep. The cost of the private jeep is around 300-400. Taking the bus is a budget-friendly option compared to other ways of getting around, and it costs about NRS. 5000.

If you’re traveling with a big group, the cost of using the road for transportation will be lower. However, for the safest and quickest way to get to Lukla, taking a flight is the best option.

Miscellaneous Expenses

During climbing you should handle the expenses like buying gifts, shopping, snacks, and lunch. Also giving the tip to your guide and the porter is not compulsory but it is highly recommended. Don’t forget there are extra costs you need to think about which you need to fit within your budget planning.

Total Cost

On average Island Peak Climbing can cost you anywhere between 2500$-5000$ depending upon the package you take. Make sure to do your research thoroughly and find the best trekking agency before making any bookings.


Before joining the beautiful journey on the Island Peak Climbing it’s important to plan your budget. Trekking agencies will help you also to plan according to budget so try to consult with registered trekking agencies. 

If you have questions or want to join a trek, climb a peak, or go on an expedition in Nepal, just keep us in mind. The professional and friendly team from High Route Adventure is here for you!

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