Drinking & Nightlife In Nepal

Nightlife in Nepal

‘Discovering the sleepless nights in Nepal’


Nepal nestled between China and India highlights a melting pot for a lot of religion and culture.

Diversified culture holds a lot of festive ranging from Losar to Dashain where from morning till evening people rejoice and rejuvenate the blessing of gods through festive dance, food, and drinks.

As the festive seeps within the Nepali community, Nepali people are known to enjoy dance, food, drinks, and music.

Nepal a place of adrenaline rush for the people seeking to explore their inner self comes alive in the nightlife.

In the era of technology and the world coming together, Nepal has seen a boom in the business sector, especially the nightlife where clubs, pubs, lounge, and restaurant is crowding Kathmandu, Pokhara, and spreading across Nepal.

With huge investment within the country, nightlife has been seen to be organized and safe while enjoying the grooves.

Thamel holds one of the highest nightlife scenarios through, Lord of Drinks being one of the most sorts out the place to be. Next semi drinking and nightlife in Nepal around tourist places. From the low land of Chitwan to the high country of Everest at Lukla and Namche Bazaar, where visitors can enjoy.

Most places especially around the cities of Kathmandu and Pokhara are the major hub of domestic and international tourists. Where nightlife around its lively restaurants, bar, and pubs opens a little longer till midnight.

Various places of entertainment for a refreshing and joyful time to celebrate nightlife in Nepal. Besides pubs and bars or lively restaurants with Live Band, one can try evening dinner in typical authentic Nepalese restaurants. Where one can enjoy dinner along with folk culture programs from all parts of Nepal or one can experience.

A favorite of local night hang-ups is ‘Do Rae Saj’ live performance by Nepalese singers, singing folk songs. Related as a debating song between ladies and gents singers, an interesting to watch with lively environment.   

Why Nepal Nightlife Is Safe:

Although nightlife keeps booming the cultural respect and support of the community never stops. The local community plays a big factor in providing Nepal nightlife to be safer and enjoyable as party life is soaked deeply within a culture.

There are allocated location and is supported with local authorities monitoring and supporting peace to remain for the people enjoying the nightlife.

Every crowded and lively entertaining place for nightlife is safe, where joint has good security, as well with strong bouncers. After all Nepalese are peaceful people who like to enjoy drinking just for the pleasure of entertainment dancing, and singing, as well as rejuvenating friends, families.  

The other reason why Nepal Nightlife is safe, due to local government regulation for metropolitan cities with limited time for nightlife. Where most late restaurants, pubs, bars, or other entertainment places close by 11 or 12 p.m.

Best Nepal Nightlife Experiences

Places to explore the Nightlife in Nepal:

Depends where you are around the main touristic places of Nepal, like Kathmandu and the adjoining city in Patan / Lalitpur. As far down mid-south close in the heart of dense jungles at Chitwan at Saura town places for nightlife experiences. 

At Chitwan, while you visit for jungle safari, after dinner can join in for a local Tharu cultural show. Similarly, the lively city of Pokhara is the starting and ending point of various adventures around Annapurna Himalaya.

Pokhara, especially around the Phewa Lake Side, is the main tourist place and a paradise, where one can experience the nightlife. Many good lively restaurants, bars, and pubs with Live Band for western or Nepalese songs. One can enjoy the late nightlife in nearby discotheque dance to the beat of lively music till midnight.

Another great place to hang out after completing your adventure at various destinations around Everest is at Namche Bazaar and Lukla. Where you can enjoy and experience nightlife in the bar and pub at Namche Bazaar as well in Lukla. Namche Bazar is the getaway of the Everest Base camp trek and another most famous trekking route in the Everest region. you can enjoy the after completing your adventures journey.

Well Kathmandu, has various exciting places to experience the nightlife, around Kingsway or Durbar Marg, next to the former palace, and at Thamel.

Thamel the major hub and heart for nightlife, offers various bars, pubs, and restaurants with a lively environment with Live Bands. 

Nightlife in Thamel
Nightlife in Thamel, Kathmandu


Top Places to explore the Nightlife in Nepal:

Where to get started:

To enjoy the nightlife of Nepal planning is a factor as clubs, pubs, bars, and restaurants offer places to stomp your feet from live music with bands jamming to rock and roll to DJ grooving you from techno to trance music.

Durbar Marg Located:

  1. King’s Lounge
  2. Trisara
  3. Hard Rock Café
  4. London Pub
  5. Club Platinum
  6. Hotel Soaltee Crowne Plaza:
  7. Prive Nepal
  8. Mirage Lords Inn:
  9. The Strand


Lord Of Drinks(LOD)

1: Lord of Drinks

2: Club Fahrenheit

3: Turtle lounge and club

4: Senate club

5: Reggae Bar

6: Purple Haze

7: Shisha bar

8: Queens lounge

9: Beta bar

10: Fire club

11: Ibyza club

12: Club OMG

12: Buddha-bar

13: Playboy club

14: Karma bar

Patan at Jhamel/ Jhamshekhel:

1: Evoke

2: Moksh barT

3: Amarind Restaurant.


1: Busy bee

2: Oxygen Club

3: Club Gravity

4: The Treasure lounge

5: The Roof bar
6: Kings lounge

Best Club & Bar in Nepal:

Best Club & Bar in Nepal are various places for local people as well for foreign visitors, the best is around Durbar Marg and at Thamel. Where some 5-star deluxe hotels also have fancy clubs and bars, like in Yak & Yeti, Hotel Soaltee.

The main places are Thamel like Lord of Drinks, Club Fahrenheit, Reggae Maya Bar, Fire, Ibiza, Playboy club and OMG, and many others as per one interest.  

Similarly at Patan / Jhamel or Jhamshekhel great elegant place like Evoke,

Moksh bar and Tamarind Restaurant.

Beyond Kathmandu at Pokhara Busy Bee, Oxygen Club, Club Gravity, Kings Lounge, and Amsterdam Pub and the Treasure Lounge. As well as many restaurants with great choices to enjoy.

Casino in Nepal:

The first casino in Nepal at Hotel Soaltee called Casino Nepal, located west of the city, opened from 6 a.m. to late nights. Casino Royale at Yak & Yeti and in Annapurna hotel also. Where one enjoy till late night time along with soft music and drinks while you enjoy betting on Black Jack, Pontoon or in Roulettes, as well various games to enjoy. 

The first casino in Nepal at Hotel Soaltee was established during the mid-1970, and then other casinos flourished at 5-star hotels like Yak & Yeti, Hotel Annapurna, and Hotel Everest. 

Casino in Nepal, where customers can enjoy games like Black Jack, Pontoon, Beat the Dealer / Chemin De Fer, and popular Roulettes of American Styles with 0 and double 00. Another game is Keno similar to Tambala. 


Is Kathmandu safe at night?

One of the safest cities in the world, however, one has to be careful where unfortunate moments can take place. But more or less it is safe, as Nepalese are humble and friendly people and always help and support all visitors.

What can I do in Kathmandu at night?

Depending upon one interest and time to spend, either join in for an exclusive dinner in a Nepalese restaurant, with a cultural show of various parts of Nepal. For late-night can enjoy a bit of luck in the casinos, enjoying betting while enjoying having refreshing drinks. People who like the typical Nepalese environment can visit a restaurant called Dhore Saaj. Where one can dance and listen to Nepalese folk music sung duets by male and female singers.

Is Nepal a good place to enjoy the nightlife?

Yes, one can enjoy the nightlife in Nepal but for limited times till midnight, or for a longer time can visit the casinos. Although a small nightlife in Nepal but safe and entertaining, as per one interest. The safest nightlife to enjoy for a limited period. Not like in other Asian countries like Bangkok, Singapore, or Hong Kong, quite different but enjoyable.

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