Adventure Sports in Nepal

Adventure Sports In Nepal ‘an exciting activities from leisure to daring feat in the shade of Himalayan peaks’

Adventure Sports in and around Nepal Himalaya takes you to an exciting joy ride, full of thrills and frills in the backdrop of the high Himalayan Mountain range.

The glorious and great Adventure Sports, actually started in Nepal almost decades ago, which begin from mountaineering and exploration to complete mountain wilderness.

As years went by new forms of adventure sports and events began to take place, from white-water rafting, kayaking, canoeing to mountain biking.

No wonder Nepal is renowned as a premier adventure country for all types of exciting sports, from indoor to outdoor. Where travelers seeking adrenaline activities can find in Nepal with various types of adventure sports.

Nepal and it is wide Himalayan range offers great challenging events, as the high mountains feed the glacial streams making a wide network of river systems not only for Nepal, but around whole Southeast Asia.

Hence, the Torrent Rivers offer exciting thrills in water sports from scenic to white-water rafting and kayaking, a great adventure for interested rafters as well for beginners.

Besides, trekking and mountaineering Nepal provides excellent activities and events for people with limited time, those who are keen to be close to Himalayan peaks offers Ultra-Light flight.

For daring adventurers can join in for Bungee Jumping, Nepal offers some of the world’s highest Bungee Jumping and Swing, heading down close to the surface of raging rivers. 

Similarly, the country with a wide range of exciting and thrilling activities where one can enjoy smooth and calm float in the air on Paragliding and Hand-Gliding in the close backdrop of Himalayan peaks.

No wonder, Nepal makes a number one destination for all types of adventure sports, where one can take a sky dive within the close of the face of Mt. Everest and other giant peaks.

The fastest exciting thrills on Zip-Liner, a mind-blowing experience to enjoy, along with other various activities like Mountain Biking, a great to observe Nepalese rural farm life.

Nepal offers more for interested travelers from water events like rafting, kayaking, or cannoning descending with torrential water-falls. At present high altitude marathon is getting much popular like the Everest Marathon.

The fresh and new exciting adventure sports soon taking place in Nepal the Extreme Triathlon, the first of its kind in Asia, and Nepal is proud to host this great event known as Himalayan Xtri. 

Nepal, a country of high peaks and mountains, offers rock and ice climbing adventure for beginners to veteran climbers to enjoy the thrill.

1. Paragliding In Nepal

‘Float within the Himalayan clear blue sky like a bird’

Pokhara Tour with Paragliding- 1 Day
Paragliding In Pokhara

Paragliding, started in Nepal almost more than two decades the very best place is from the high hills of Pokhara valley at Sarankot Hilltop, at an altitude of 1,600 m and 5, 250 feet high. While the valley and city of Pokhara are located at 880 m to 900 m.

A great scenic city and Sarankot Hill is one of the major tourist destinations for panoramic views of the Annapurna Himalayan range, along with stunning sunrise and sunset. 

Pokhara and Kathmandu with many Paragliding operators that one can book with, provides you with expert instructors and pilots as well.
One can glide solo or on a tandem flight with a pilot to guide above the green valley of Pokhara, as well as on other scenic hills of Kathmandu valley.

The best ways to enjoy gentle float and joy-ride in the Himalayan blue sky with a close backdrop of white-snow-capped mountain range.

Paragliding operates every day during the peak high season of the year, except the wet monsoon time of June to mid-September. Starts in the morning and late afternoon.

Paragliding can be done in Kathmandu, with a short drive on the outskirt of Kathmandu city towards the southeast of the valley, and then reaching at high hills of Phulchowki, at 2,760 m offers grand views of Central and mid-eastern Himalayan views.

2. Rafting Himalayan Rivers

‘Enjoy the thrills with exciting floats on glacial rivers of Nepal’

Adventure Sports In Nepal Rafting Himalayan Rivers
Rafting Himalayan Rivers

Rafting the Himalayan Rivers, one of the best ways to enjoy in the world of water sports, a great adventure going through big bouncy waves and white-water rapids.

Rafting in Nepal is one of the major adventure activities after trekking and mountaineering, Nepal is one of the richest countries in terms of a wide network of river systems. Nepal is a mountainous country where glaciers from Himalayan peaks feed the rivers, which makes Nepal one of the best destinations for rafting or kayaking also.

Interested people before and after your major programs in Nepal can spend the time rafting the Himalayan Rivers of various choices from easy scenic float to rough and challenging white-water rafting.

Nepal Himalayan Rafting Rivers offers a day to two days or more than a week of rafting expedition on major glacial rivers.

Rafting in Nepal using an inflatable rubber boat, guided by expert river guides with all safety precautions included like a helmet, life-jackets, and water-proof bags and drums to store your valuables.

Rafting with options of either taking an oar, where the captain of the raft will maneuver the boat himself, while you sit doing nothing but enjoy the adventure going through rapids and waves.

Rafting on Trisuli River for a day or more, a popular river for rafting where all types of people and age groups can join in, Seti River another scenic and enjoyable river for all.

Bhote Kosi another exciting river for rafting for a day or two, besides a day float offers a longer rafting expedition on Sun Kosi, Karnali, and Kaligandaki River from 3 days to over a week. 

3. Rock Climbing In Nepal

an adventure to mountaineering starts with basic rock climbing

Adventure Sports In Nepal Rock Climbing in Nepal
Rock Climbing in Nepal

Rock climbing is another exciting activity on the list of Adventure Sports in Nepal, where one can enjoy the daring feat in and around Kathmandu valley, as well beyond. Nepal with a wide range of rock climbing places for beginners and as well for expert climbers, where solid and hard granite is the best choice as suggested by veteran rock climbers and mountaineers. Including Nepal, and as well around the globe, rock climbing has been added as an adventure sport, and getting very much popular among young people.

Where there are various many places in Kathmandu creating basic infrastructure facilities like the construction of artificial climbing walls.

 Rock climbing with a similar technique as mountaineering adventure except for snow and ice, where rocky wall and slopes are involved in this adventure sport. 

 Rock climbing’s most basic features include climbing a rock face, using only hands, feet, and a safety rope.

 If you are good at climbing, then you can try out this sport. But, some rock traverses in certain areas extend over great lengths and merit championship status. 

Certain climbs can often prove arduous and tough, but the magic of the landscapes of the surrounding mountains always keep the spirits high of a climber especially around Himalaya.

Places for Rock and Indoor Wall Climbing: 

Rock Climbing Course:

From a day to a week and beyond the Kathmandu area with trekking to the location point.

Rock climbing areas in Kathmandu and beyond:

Nagarjun Forest -30 mins drive from Kathmandu with 3-4 hours courses as per the group size. Hattiban- 1-hour drive from Kathmandu with 3-4 hours courses as per the group size.

Bimal Nagar is a 4-hour drive from Kathmandu on route Pokhara near Bandipur with 3-4 hours courses as per the group size.

Nagarkot is a 2-hour drive with 3-4 hours courses as per the group size.

At Namche Bazaar where trek involves with a flight to Lukla airport– Bouldering area with 3-4 hours courses as per the group size.

Besides the above location great areas for Rock Climbing around Langtang Valley & Rolwaling Valleys. 

Indoor Wall Climbing:

NMA (Nepal Mountaineering Association) Climbing Institute at Balaju west of Kathmandu city. 

Pasang Lamu Indoor Wall Climbing plus various places around Thamel area also in the hub of Kathmandu city.

4. Mountain Biking In Nepal

a great way to explore and experience Nepalese rural life with grand scenery”

Adventure Sports In Nepal Mountain Bike In Nepal
Mountain Bike In Nepal

Mountain Biking is another active adventure sport where a ride can take you in the far nook and corners of Nepalese rural farm villages. A great way to experience the culture and traditional life of local people, often seen by other visitors.

Nepal with its high Himalayan mountain range where Mountain Biking can be tough on mountain trails, nevertheless you will always be entertained by the glorious panorama of dramatic landscapes and white snow-capped peaks.

Mountain Biking is much popular along with trekking and hiking and a great way to witness in-depth Nepal farm villages and towns, where few foreigners seldom have this opportunity, which you can enjoy on mountain biking.

In Kathmandu and other major cities and towns, one can rent a bike for a day or more at a reasonable cost, or one can join in a package tour on a biking trip to various scenic and cultural destinations.

Nepal offers a great wide range of trails for Mountain Biking, on single or double tracks or on dusty rough paths and metallic roads, where one can stay overnight in a village home-stay accommodation as well in local lodge and mountain resorts.

Mountain Biking, a thrill with an ups and downhill rush from a day ride to a week with ever-present views of Himalayan peaks and in the comfort of Nepalese hospitality. 

5. Ice Climbing In Nepal

‘an adventure on frozen waterfalls and high icy cliffs’

Adventure Sports In Nepal Ice Climbing in Nepal
Ice Climbing In Nepal

Ice climbing in and around Nepal high Himalaya hills and frozen waterfalls, where one gains enough experience with great skill to master the art of ice climbing.

Nepal Himalaya offers an Ice Climbing course and short expeditions for beginners as well for expert climbers, in the remote corners of high Himalayan valleys and deep gorges.

Ice Climbing in Nepal Himalayas is not as same as in the European Alps, Rockies in the USA, or Patagonia in South America Andes Mountains due to climate-wise, where weather pattern and temperatures in Himalaya range is very different.

For Ice Climbing, where participants and students need enough time, as it involves a week-long trek to reach the spot for the climb, where instructors have to check the form of ice.

Sometimes the ice can be thin, where ice climbing requires hard and solid ice to tackle the technique on a climb or in descend.

Around Nepal, Himalaya Ice climbing is only possible only from November till March and April. Where some gorges and waterfalls remain hard and tough with frozen creeks and waterfalls.

Ice Climbing areas around Everest, Langtang, Rolwaling, and Annapurna Region starting single pitch to multi-pitch. In Everest and high Khumbu region where single pitch waterfall for Ice climbing at about 20 meters above with multi-pitch and up to 100 meters high can be found for ice climbing.

For ice climbing where all require good equipment with fine ice-ax and other accessories required for Ice Climbing.

6. Canyoning In Nepal

‘Enjoy the great wet experience canyoning on the foothills of Himalaya’

Canyoning, where most people spell as cannoning, which is completely different from canyoning takes place within a waterfall rocky edges, in a deep gorge, or a canyon.

Canyoning is one of few water sports that started in Nepal a decade ago and slowly getting popular among enthusiastic young folks.

Canyoning at present part of adventure sports, which is jumping, sliding and abseiling in the torrential waterfalls, a refreshing and very exciting adventure to enjoy while in Nepal.

Most places for canyoning are located close to rivers and streams which form a tributary of the bigger streams and rivers.

Nepal with a great many places to enjoy the skill and art of canyoning, which takes you outside Kathmandu city to reach a nice and heavy torrent waterfall with rocky and steep slopes.

Guide and instructors will brief on safety measures as well regarding techniques involved in this water sports. Soon you are ready to climb to a ridge top of a cliff and deep gorge, and then jump or slide. The best way is to abseil down hanging tight on a rope, where the speed of waterfalls might break your moments.

A great way to enjoy one of the wonderful adventures on water sports, which you can try again and again as time permits and as per our guide rules.

What you need to carry for canyoning flexible and fitting clothes, loose T-shirts, wear sports shoes or hiking boots for a walk uphill to the canyon.

7. Himalayan Skydive In Nepal

‘a daring adrenaline adventure sports in the close backdrop of Himalayan peaks’

Sky diving in Nepal Himalaya, a spectacular and daring adventure to enjoy that fulfills one adrenaline dreams, diving in the close shadow of the world’s highest mountains.

 Sky diving is also an expensive sport in Nepal, where one needs to charter a small aircraft or a chopper to cater and reach the exact spot for the awesome dive in the clear crystal Himalayan blue sky.

In Nepal Himalaya sky diving where you gain extraordinary and jaw-dropping experience, imagine diving in front of Mt. Everest surrounded by an array of giant peaks.

Although an expensive way to enjoy, worth the adventure trying once in your lifetime experience floating in the Himalayan sky with the closest views world tallest peaks.

Most of Sky diving takes place flying high to Khumbu valley around the Everest region which is less than an hour flight either in a chopper or smaller plane like STOL aircraft suitable for short landing and take-off.

The best way to enjoy the trek to Everest base camp for acclimatization and to observe local Sherpa culture as well, and then board in a Heli or small plane from Syangboche above Namche Bazaar, and then fly to the exact diving spot for an exciting drop towards the near level ground after a glorious adventure on Himalayan Sky Diving.

8. Bungee Swing In Nepal

‘another way of Bungee Jumping with a full swing like a pendulum’

Bungee Swing is an exciting activity, which is another form of Bungee Jumping, where you jump and swing like a clock pendulum in a river gorge, or within an open air.

The Swing started after Bungee Jumping was established, by a famous New-Zealand Bungee expert about three decades.

For Swing one has to travel outside Kathmandu, heading east on Arniko or Nepal and Tibet / China Friendship Highway that leads close to the border of

Nepal and Tibet-China, where Swing and Bungee are located on a long suspension metal bridge above the raging Bhote Kosi River.

Expert and professional instructors brief you and check medically in case of any health problem, and then getting ready for a big drop tied on a strong code as you jump to enjoy the exciting feeling of swinging like a pendulum to and fro above the torrential Bhote Koshi River.

Other places in Nepal are at scenic Pokhara just a mere distance drive from the Phewa Lakeside to reach a place called Hyanja, a tower bridge for the swing and Bungee jumping in the close backdrop of Annapurna Himalayan peaks. 

9. Bungee Jumping In Nepal

‘One of world highest jump within the shade of Himalaya’

Bungee Jumping in Nepal is an exciting way to enjoy your daring and adrenaline feat, the country offers great thrills in adventure sports with Bungee Jumping.

One of the highest Jumps on this planet, there are two main places to enjoy the great jump. The very first is on the route and main Friendship Highway of Nepal / Tibet- China also called Arniko Highway.

A great place called the Last Resort, the first Nepal Bungee Jumping established almost three decades ago. A popular and famous spot where Bungee Jumping takes place, down close to raging Bhote Koshi River. 

A Jump from a wide steady steel bridge heading downfall at 160 m and 500 feet drops into a gorge of glacial Bhote Kosi River, one of the longest world’s Free Fall. 

Enjoyable moment taking part in this daring adventure sports Bungee Jumping, with all safety measures taken from expert instructors.

The other place for Bungee Jumping is in Pokhara, a short drive from the main city area to reach on the outskirt at a place called Hyanja, which is also a Tibetan Refugee Camp. 

Enjoy the jump from Nepal’s only tower bungee, high ground bungee, and swing, offering various options of bungee jumping with grand views of the Annapurna range of peaks.

10. Zipline In Nepal

‘an ever exciting and fastest activity to enjoy your day

Zip Line is another exciting activity added to the list of Adventure Sports, where you will zoom riding on the world’s tallest and longest Zip Line at about 600 m high and up in the air, as speed down at 140 km per hour covering a distance of 1.8 km.

Zip Line was introduced at the famous and enchanting Pokhara valley, a place with its spectacular panorama of the Himalayan range that reflects on its serene lakes.

Pokhara, a city within a great beautiful valley where most trekking and mountaineering, and other adventure sports begin and end in this lovely city.

The Zip Line offers the rush of extreme zip lining, the first of its kind in all Asia, where you need to travel to the high hill at Sarankot, a famous spot for a glorious panorama of Mid-West Himalayan mountain range as well for sunrise and sunset, from where one can overlook the Pokhara valley down below with its calm lakes.

The Zip Line in Pokhara has been in operation since 2012. Safety is the leading criteria, and the system by Zip-flyer TM LLC, USA is designed with the most advanced technologies and has delivered a state-of-the-art known as Zip Line. So get ready to experience the ultimate adrenaline rush!

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