Helicopter Tour

‘A flight of enchantment with 360° wide-angle panorama of Himalayan peaks’

The helicopter tour in Nepal is one of the most spectacular flights where one can catch a 360° wide-angle panorama of Himalayan peaks, along with dramatic and unique landscapes.

An enjoyable and ever exciting joy ride in a smaller and spacious seated helicopter, where interested travelers can take the opportunity to see the beauty and charm of Nepal.

A helicopter tour in Nepal is a great way to get close views of the world’s highest peaks like Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Makalu, Dhaulagiri, and the massive range of Annapurna Himalaya with a wide range of Himalaya.


Helicopter tour in Nepal

Great way to see Nepal's beautiful scenery in the comfort of a helicopter for an hour ride or more.

Travelers who are not interested in trekking or with limited time in Nepal, but are very keen to see high Himalayan peaks, Helicopter Tour is the best and ultimate way to fulfill your dreams in the close backdrop of giant white peaks.

Most Helicopter Tour operates from the capital Kathmandu, and as well from the scenic city of Pokhara.

Various Himalayan destinations to choose from flying above Kathmandu city, where one can have a stunning panorama of the Mid-West and Central Himalaya Mountain range.

The most popular Helicopter tour is flying close to Everest and with time to have breakfast at the high Everest View Hotel with views of Everest and surrounding peaks.

Other great scenic destinations fly to Langtang Valley at Kyanjin Gompa and enjoy the perfect views of Langtang and Jugal Himal range of peaks, and observe the local culture.

From Pokhara city airport flight to Annapurna base camp within the beautiful sanctuary, where you will be enclosed by an array of snow-capped mountains.

A helicopter tour in Nepal can take you to various Himalayan base camps and around mountain villages in the shade of high mountains, a tour of less than an hour, an hour to more for 3-4 hours depending upon the areas chosen.

An expert pilot will make the best for you to enjoy and experience unforgettable moments on a Helicopter tour in Nepal.

Types of Helicopters that operate in Nepal, AS 350 B series of helicopters of Euro-Copter, France a popular all over the world and Ecureuil model or similar types.

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