Terms and Conditions

Before you book a trip with High Route Adventure Pvt. Ltd, we recommend you to go through all the Terms and Conditions carefully. The following statements bind the client and the company on a legal contractual agreement. The agreement is put into action from the date you reserve a trip with us.

(The term ” Trip” used in the company website and Terms and Conditions refer to the itineraries of tours, treks, sightseeing, hiking, climbing, mountaineering, expedition, or holidays unless stated otherwise.)

The services that we, High Route Adventure Pvt. Ltd offers to our clients are based upon the Terms and Conditions mentioned below.

About Us

High Route Adventure Pvt. Ltd is an authorized company with a license granted by the Government of Nepal. We also have affiliations with numerous other bodies in Nepal and the international community. Our office is in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Booking Conditions 

Once we receive confirmation of a booking, we understand that a client has agreed to the Terms and Conditions. Thereafter, we provide the client with a booking invoice via e-mail or any other method stated by the client on the booking form.

We require a minimum down payment of half (20%) of the total price of a trip at the end of the booking. We also make it clear that this amount is non-refundable. The client must clearly state the details of the down payment including the payment method. Upon receiving the down payment, we will provide the client with a confirmation email.

We also reserve the right to cancel the bookings made by a client in conditions that threaten the security of a client or the availability of our services like civil unrest, political strike, or natural disasters.

Terms of Payment

  • The client can use bank transfer, western union, or credit card as payment methods.
  • The client must provide us with the details and scanned deposit slip if she/he chooses to perform the payment via bank transfer.
  • The prices of the trips mentioned on the company website at www.highrouteadventure.com are all in USD and per person.
  • The following are the details of our company:

Payment by Wire Transfer:

Account No: 13201050043915
Account Name: High Route Adventure Pvt. Ltd.
Swift Code: NIBLNPKT
Account Type: Saving
Office Address: Mitranagar-26 Kathmandu, Nepal
Bank Address: Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal

Validity of Prices

The prices of the trips and services mentioned on the company website at https://highrouteadventure.com/ are based on current exchange rates. We reserve the right to alter the price and availability of such trips and services without notice, in the event of a fluctuation in exchange rates or any such instances out of the control of the company.

We hold the right to alter the itineraries, routes, and departure times in cases of situations beyond the company’s control. In such situations, the client will bear the additional charges, if required.

Traveling With Children

We also make it perfectly clear for clients traveling with children (from 2 years old to 11 years old) that the responsibility of the children will be, entirely, up to the parents. Free accommodation stays for children mean sharing existing beds in the room. However, we do offer services like back riding and horse riding for children, if required. Inform us about such services during the time of booking.

Special Requests

In the case of special requests, please inform us while booking. We will reach the concerned parties that are involved in your requests such as airlines and hotels. We will do our best to ensure that your requests are fulfilled. However, this is possible only if you inform us pre-hand during the time of booking and we can guarantee the fulfillment of requests which are made later than the designated time.

Cancellation Terms/Refunds

We make it clear that 20% of the trip payment made by a client during booking is non-refundable. We also do not reimburse the client for the services that were available on the trip but the client did not use them. Additionally, we do not provide fees for airplane flights after the scheduled flights are canceled.

In a client who cancels a trip after full payment, only 45% of the total trip price will be reimbursed.

Whenever the trips cannot be organized due to circumstances outside our control of, we reserve the right to cancel those trips and offer the client similar trips (in terms of destination or price range). If the client wants to cancel the trek then, the company will deduct the required expense cost and shall refund the remaining amount.

If postponing or transferring a booking made by a client is to be done to another individual, the client must clearly state all the reasons for such actions 14 days before the scheduled departure date. An additional fee of USD 100 is charged for such.

Unavoidable Circumstances

The climate and weather in the Himalayas are wildly unpredictable and we will not be responsible for those situations resulting in changes on the trips. Civil unrest, political strike, natural disasters, terrorist activities, and similar situations beyond the company’s control can also cause similar alterations, for which we will not be responsible for.


High Route Adventure Pvt. Ltd. will not be responsible for the injuries, damages, and losses to a client caused by or during adventure activities, natural disasters, diseases, civil war, terrorist activities, and such reasons which are beyond the control of the company. We are not responsible for deferral caused by any participant on a trip. The trip leader holds the right to take necessary actions, according to the permissions granted by the company, if such situations arise on a trip.

We encourage you to inform us of any of your health issues and state that the participants of the trip themselves are responsible to analyze their condition and practice healthy travel.

Please note that the client is responsible to arrange and ensurehis/her exit/ re-entry documents, the validity of the passport, and visa for the nation of their visit on a trip.

The information on the website and any other materials of the company are subject to change and we hold the right to correct or alter the information without providing any notice.


If a client fails to produce any legal documents as stated by the Government of Nepal, we will not be responsible for the legal actions that follow thereafter. The client will have to reimburse the fines or financial penalty imposed upon us due to the negligence of the client.  


We mandatorily require a client to present the documents of travel and medical insurance. We advise a client to properly ensure their travel and medical expenses prior to visiting the country. We reserve the right to cancel the trip for a client if he/she fails to produce the documents stated by the company.


We aim to provide clients with the best services for the duration of a trip. If you have any complaints regarding our services, we request you to reach us within 10 days of your departure. Contact us at +977-9851058664 or email us at info@highrouteadventure.com

Disputes which arise between the company and the client will be handled as per the laws of the Government of Nepal. We also urge the clients to remain up-to-date with the policies and Terms and Conditions of the company, as they are subject to constant change and update.

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