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Located in the cozy corner of ┬áMitranagar – 26, Gongabu, High Route Adventure Pvt. Ltd. is the go-to destination for your trips in Nepal. From the very famous Mount Everest Base Camp Trek to the unique route of Upper Dolpo, High Route Adventure caters to all types of adventure seekers and travelers.

High Route Adventure has been in operation for a long time; during which we have gathered remarkable volume experience and expertise. What makes High Route Adventure better than the rest is the fact that we walk the talk. As such, the services from customer service, guides, porters, and all other members of the company are always prompt and of the finest quality.

Our planning and management system are well organized and we offer the most reliable services to the clients. This has led us to successfully organize many trips with the best possible experiences for our clients. We ensure dependability so that our clients do not have to face any problems. Adding to that, our customer service is highly appreciated by our past clients. We have had many cases where our clients return to Nepal and choose other adventures with us. Not only that, but we also appreciate any feedbacks of our clients which has supported us in the long run and helped us grow as a tourism operator.

Similarly, we have always emphasized infallible and proficient client service. This is to ensure that our clients feel comfortable with us along their journeys and also share their wonderful experiences after their successful trips. Likewise, we also have regard for our client’s budget. At High Route Adventure, we provide reasonable prices for all the trips and services around the country.

Call us workaholics; but, we derive pleasure from our work. This has motivated all staff and workers of High Route Adventure to invest in developing their skills to provide quality service and satisfy the clients. We also keep in mind that nature deserves its share of preservation. Hence, we have invested in ensuring a sustainable eco-tourism to protect and conserve natural resources. All in all, High Route Adventure is your destination to explore and rave the beauty of Nepal.

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