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Why is Manaslu Region Trek getting so popular among trekkers? 

Manaslu Region is a new country for travelers to explore and witness fabulous scenery on the Manaslu Circuit trek and around its scenic region along with impressing local culture. One who wants to trek the region can enjoy tremendous views from the start of the trek till it ends at the beginning point of the Annapurna Circuit Trek. The trek includes crossing over the high Larke-La passes at 5,106 m / 16,752 feet high. Larke La is the highest point of the adventure on the Manaslu Circuit trek which also forms a barrier between the Manang and Manaslu areas of the Gorkha district.

Manaslu Himal coordinates Latitude and Longitude at 28.549444, 84.561943. The Mt. Manaslu towers at a height of 8,163 m and 26,781 feet high, listed Eighth-highest Mountain out of 14 world’s highest peaks. Located Far North Mid-West within the district of Gorkha, Nepal, Mt Manaslu extends close to the Manang and Lamjung districts.

The name ‘Manas’ comes from the ancient Sanskrit word which means the Soul of a god, similar to the holy Lake Manasarover which is in South West Tibet-China. 

Mt. Manaslu was first conquered by the Japanese Expedition with a Nepalese Sherpa guide in early May 09th, 1956. Since then the mountain has been climbed many times till the present.

Find the 7 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Manaslu Region

Off the Beaten Path

Manaslu Circuit Trek leads to a marvelous adventure as the region falls off the beaten path which is seldom visited by a group of trekkers, adventurers, and mountaineers. But at present for the past few years, drawing more visitors due to its serene and tranquil surroundings in the harmony of massive snow-capped peaks of the Manaslu Mountain range.

Apart from a few mountaineering expeditions to Mt. Manaslu in the past years, the Manaslu Circuit area remained isolated from the outside world for more than a decade. This high-altitude adventure in the early days started from Gorkha town and then walked all the way to Lamjung district at Besisahar town, taking more than three weeks of walking. At present day, one can complete the whole Manaslu circuit trek in two weeks or less, which makes the trek more possible for all types of travelers. From the early years, the villages have changed, as well off the beaten path which is well maintained with more good lodges to accommodate the trekkers. In past decades, travelers required tents with all camping units to enjoy this fabulous adventure on the Manaslu Circuit.

Manaslu Circuit a Country of Huge and Different Diversity to Enjoy

Stupa in Manaslu region
Manaslu Himalayan Range

Manaslu Circuit is getting as much popular as other famous adventures like the Everest region, Annapurna region, and Langtang region. On this Mid-West Himalaya, around Manaslu Circuit, one can witness great bio-diversity, a perfect place for exciting treks and other adventures. The country changes as the walk progresses from low warm sub-tropical areas, around heavy farmland of paddies to mild temperatures on green mid-hills covered in the lush coniferous forest lined with tall rhododendron, oaks, magnolia, pines, and fir trees. After walking past cooler hills with lovely farm villages, then we move on to a higher country towards the arctic cold zone of ice and glaciers; where trekkers can enjoy walks along with the whole Manaslu massive range of peaks, from main Mt. Manaslu, Boudha Himal to Himal-Chuli with an array of lesser mountain ranges. It is truly a great beautiful country to experience a once-in-your-lifetime adventure that includes huge diversity from unique landscapes, the culture of local villagers, and green vegetation from tall tree lines to bush and alpine shrubs as well as exotic varieties of flora and fauna.  

Breathtaking View of Mountain Range

Manaslu Himalayan Range
Manaslu Himalayan Range

On this wonderful Manaslu Circuit, where views of mountains follow you from the beginning of walks to the end of the trekking, facing breathtaking views of the Manaslu group of Mountain range, which includes the main Mt. Manaslu the world’s 8th highest, also called Kutang in the local native language of Tibetan origin means a promising valley for high altitude crops like wheat, buckwheat, barley, and other side crops and vegetables.

This great walk on the Manaslu Circuit, travelers can immerse in all the glory and charm of the area facing views of Boudha Himal, Himal-Chuli with other range of peaks that includes Annapurna eastern range and massif bulk of Ganesh towards the east. 

Manaslu Circuit Trek is an opportunity for trekkers to enjoy and explore its mountain wilderness with peaceful trekking in pure bliss away from the hustle-bustle busy life of the modern world. It also includes an exciting panorama from the high Larke-La Pass, which at the height of 5,106 m and 16,752 feet high, offers a sweeping and stunning panorama of the whole Manaslu range of peaks with Larke peak.

Challenging Larke-La Pass Crossing

Larke- La Pass trek
Larke-La Pass

Crossing over Larke-La Pass, a traverse from the district of Gorkha and the high Manaslu scenic valley to reach the eastern end of Manang district. Actually, the high Larke-La pass at 5,106 m and 16,752 feet high, is not as challenging as it looks except in bad weather or deep snow conditions and snowstorms.

However, all trekkers need to be well prepared with enough warm clothing, to withstand the cold wind, as walks take you near Larke Glacier reaching Duwang, or Dharmasala and Larke-Phedi / base, a place with a lodge serving travelers crossing Larke- La.

The adventure starts early morning on a gradual winding uphill to reach the highest point of the Manaslu circuit trek as the climb takes you to the north side of Larke Glacier with magnificent views of Cho Danda and then of Larke Peak. 

Finally, walk across the moraines of the glacier, with a gradual ascent which becomes steeper in the last section to reach on top of the pass.

From the pass, you can enjoy the outstanding views of Himlung, Cheo Himal, Kang Guru, and Annapurna II. A long descent follows from the pass to Bhimtang, a lovely place with several lodges to stay.

Manaslu Circuit Trekking, Restricted Area

To enter the Gorkha district further high on the Manaslu Circuit or for Tsum Valley Trekking, all visitors need to obtain special restricted area permits as it is a restricted area. It is the rules declared by the Nepal Government related to the Tourism Board to conserve its pristine environment and limit the flow of trekkers in the region. In the region, the visitors can travel in groups of at least 2-3 people with a licensed guide from a reputed agency that you book for the trip, or with High Route Adventure.

This restricted region starts from the village of Jagat in the Gorkha district to Dharapani village, located in the district of Manang.

The more we move to the higher area of Manaslu and Tsum Valley, the more we get to see a raw and fresh country that is also close to the border of Tibet / China.

The cost of a special permit for Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley is US$ 100 per person, for the first week of 7 days, with an additional US$ 15 per person per day onwards till you reach Dharapani on Manaslu Circuit, or back to Jagat if you after visiting Tsum Valley.

The above cost is around the main peak season of autumn/fall around September to November. But for low seasons, and as well for springtime which is the best time from December to August, the price of permits comes down to US$ 75 per person with an additional US$ 10 per person / per day from 7 days onwards to the last checkpoints. 

Manaslu Conservation Area

Whether you join in for Manaslu Circuit or Tsum Valley, the region of Manaslu to Tsum Valley falls within Manaslu Conservation Area, which was established in 1998 with an area that covers about 1,663 sq. km where trekkers need MCA (Manaslu Conservation Area) permits, and as well after crossing Larke-La Pass to reach on the other side at Dharapani in Manang, where ACAP fee is applied (Annapurna Conservation Area Project).

But for Tsum Valley ACAP permit is not required unless you merge your adventure with the Manaslu Circuit trek.

The Manaslu Conservation Area helps to maintain walking trails and conserve its fertile and pristine environment from destruction, as most villagers higher up and lodge use kerosene oil or LPG gas to cook food for trekkers, where burning of wood is not allowed to save from deforestation.

In the region, trekkers should follow Eco-Tourism or Responsible Tourism rules and respect local culture, as well as not disturb its exotic flora and fauna.
Enjoy the adventure, taking photographs for memories and leaving your footprint only.  

Less Busy Trail with Least Number of Trekkers

Manaslu trekking
Larke-La Pass

The beauty and charm of Manaslu and Tsum Valley Trekking are that you will be walking on a less busy trail, where only a few groups of trekkers venture around this wonderful high mountain destination.

Manaslu Circuit was opened for visitors in late 1998, and Tsum Valley from the year 2000 onward. So, the area is less visited as the region falls within a restricted area, where trekkers have to pay an extra fee to travel within this beautiful fresh country.

A lovely and scenic walk and exploring local farm villages of great cultural interest of age-old heritage still exist in this once forbidden land of Manaslu and Tsum Valley. Trekkers will enjoy its complete mountain wilderness in the harmony of tranquil surroundings, being away from the mass flow of trekkers that are seen in other popular Everest regions, Annapurna region, and Langtang region.

Hence, it is truly a blissful country to experience its colorful culture along with breathtaking scenery of towering snow mountains and dramatic landscapes.

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